ABS Free Dish Frequency wise Channel List – Asia Boardcast Satellite (ABS) Free Dish

Here you can know information about the ABS Free Dish TV and ABS Free Dish Channel List. It is one of the most useful Free Dish which is recently released. ABS is abbreviated as Asia Broadcast Satellite. Many people don’t know about the ABS Free Dish. So, here you can know about it very clearly. Before connecting to this new ABS Free Dish, you should know about the Free Dish ABS Channel List which is provided below. Thus read the article once to get more information about the ABS free Dish Frequency Wise Channel List.

 Asia BroadCast Satellite Service – ABS

ABS founded in the year 1997. The Asia Broadcast Satellite services include Internet services, satellite-to-cable, satellite-to-home and cellular services. It established its services in Africa, America, Europe, Russia. The Company main aim is to increase their Satellite fleet by two i.e. from six communication satellite to eight satellites, in  2015. The ABS Company has recognized by the Export-Import Bank of United States. Asia Broadcast Satellite service has planned one future satellite i.e. ABS-2A to launch. This satellite is funded by U.S Ex-lm bank loan to increase high-tech US jobs.

ABS Free Dish – Overview

ABS Free Dish is the Direct Broadcast Satellite television service. It is an Indian free-to-air DTH Service. The ABS Free Dish is owned and operated by the Asia Broadcast Satellite. ABS Free Dish is recently released free direct to home service, and also it is the second free-to-air satellite Television Service in India. Mainly, the ABS Free Dish is used to broadcast 97FTA MPEG-2 channels and one MPEG-4 channel. The ABS Free Dish is founded in the year May 14, 2012. The main headquarters of ABS Free dish is in Hamilton, Bermuda. But the ABS has Offices in the United States, Dubai, Germany, New Delhi, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Like DD Free Dish, the ABS Free Dish also not charges any monthly payment on the channels that you are watching. You have to make a one-time payment at the time of ABS Free Dish Connection installation. i.e. After purchasing the Set-top-box and Small dish antenna, you need not pay money for any channels. Then you need to know the latest ABS Free Dish Channel List which can be know from the below sections.

ABS Free Dish Channel List

Here we have provided ABS Free Dish Channel List Frequency wise. From above points, you will come to know the number of Channels in each frequency range. From below you will know ABS Free Dish Channels. For more details about the channel list, you can also refer to the official website.

ABS Free Dish Frequency Wise Channel List – 11734H Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish Enterr10 Channel Number: 1 11734H  Enterr10
ABS Free Dish Sahara National Channel Number: 2 11734H  Sahara National
ABS Free Dish Sahara One Channel Number:3 11734H  Sahara One
ABS Free Dish Sahara Firangi Channel Number:4 11734H  Sahara Firangi
ABS Free Dish Sahara Filmy Channel Number:5 11734H  Sahara Filmy
ABS Free Dish News Nation Channel Number:6  11734H  News Nation
ABS Free Dish Channel UFX Channel Number:7 11734H  Channel UFX
ABS Free Dish Public Music Channel Number:8 11734H  Public Music
ABS Free Dish Public TV Channel Number:9 11734H  Public TV
ABS Free Dish PTC Punjabi Channel Number:10 11734H  PTC Punjabi
ABS Free Dish NewsX Channel Number:11 11734H  NewsX
ABS Free Dish India News Channel Number:12 11734H  India News
ABS Free Dish PTC Chak DE Channel Number:13 11734H  PTC Chak DE
ABS Free Dish Nepal 1 Channel Number:14 11734H  Nepal 1
ABS Free Dish DD Malayalam Channel Number:15 11734H DD Malayalam
ABS Free Dish DD Bangla Channel Number:16 11734H DD Bangla
ABS Free Dish Prag TV Channel Number:17 11734H  Prag TV
ABS Free Dish Trace Sports HD Channel Number:18 11734H  Trace Sports HD

Asia Broadcast Satellite Free Dish Channels – 11790H Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish R Plus GOLD Channel Number:19 11790H  R Plus GOLD
ABS Free Dish Sri Sankara Channel Number:20 11790H  Sri Sankara
ABS Free Dish B4U Movies Channel Number:21 11790H  B4U Movies
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Marathi Channel Number:22 11790H  Sangeet Marathi
ABS Free Dish PTC News Channel Number:23 11790H  PTC News
ABS Free Dish Maha Movie Channel Number:24 11790H  Maha Movie
ABS Free Dish Green TV Channel Number:25 11790H  Green TV
ABS Free Dish TV9 Telugu Channel Number:26 11790H  TV9 Telugu
ABS Free Dish WOW Cinema Channel Number:27 11790H  WOW Cinema
ABS Free Dish Fashion TV Channel Number:28 11790H  Fashion TV
ABS Free Dish TV5 Channel Number:29 11790H  TV5
ABS Free Dish Music India Channel Number:30 11790H  Music India
ABS Free Dish 24 Ghanta Channel Number:31 11790H  24 Ghanta
ABS Free Dish Rupasi Bangla Channel Number:32 11790H  Rupasi Bangla
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Bhojpuri Channel Number:33 11790H  Sangeet Bhojpuri
ABS Free Dish Manoranjan Music Channel Number:34 11790H  Manoranjan Music
ABS Free Dish Music Fatafati Channel Number:35 11790H  Music Fatafati
ABS Free Dish Dhoom Music Channel Number:36 11790H  Dhoom Music
ABS Free Dish R Plus Channel Number:37 11790H R Plus
ABS Free Dish Aakash Bangla Channel Number:38 11790H  Aakash Bangla
ABS Free Dish IBC24 Channel Number:39 11790H  IBC24
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Bangla Channel Number:40 11790H Sangeet Bangla
ABS Free Dish News Time Channel Number:41 11790H  News Time

Free Dish ABS Channels – 11853H Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish K News Channel Number:42 11853H K News
ABS Free Dish Sakhi TV Channel Number:43 11853H Sakhi TV
ABS Free Dish Naxatra News Channel Number:44 11853H Naxatra News
ABS Free Dish Mahua TV Channel Number:45 11853H Mahua TV
ABS Free Dish E24 Channel Number:46 11853H E24
ABS Free Dish Reporter TV Channel Number:47 11853H Reporter TV
ABS Free Dish Manorama News Channel Number:48 11853H Manorama News
ABS Free Dish Jaihind TV Channel Number:49 11853H Jaihind TV
ABS Free Dish Jeevan TV Channel Number:50 11853H Jeevan TV
ABS Free Dish Amrita TV Channel Number:51 11853H Amrita TV
ABS Free Dish Kalki Aananda Channel Number:52 11853H Kalki Aananda
ABS Free Dish Kaumudy TV Channel Number:53 11853H Kaumudy TV
ABS Free Dish NTV Channel Number:54 11853H NTV
ABS Free Dish Mazhavil Manorama Channel Number:55 11853H Mazhavil Manorama
ABS Free Dish Aastha Bhajan Channel Number:56 11853H Aastha Bhajan
ABS Free Dish Aastha  Channel Number:57 11853H Aastha
ABS Free Dish T News Channel Number:58 11853H T News
ABS Free Dish 10 TV Channel Number:59 11853H 10 TV
ABS Free Dish Tollywood Channel Number:60 11853H Tollywood
ABS Free Dish Cine21 Channel Number:61 11853H Cine21

New ABS Free Dish Channels List – 12227H Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish DD National Channel Number:62 12227H DD National
ABS Free Dish DD Sports Channel Number:63 12227H DD Sports
ABS Free Dish DD News Channel Number:64 12227H DD News
ABS Free Dish 9XM Channel Number:65 12227H 9XM
ABS Free Dish Prabhatam News Channel Number:66 12227H Prabhatam News
ABS Free Dish Shraddha TV Channel Number:67 12227H Shraddha TV
ABS Free Dish 9X Jalwa Channel Number:68 12227H 9X Jalwa
ABS Free Dish Housefull Action (9x Bajao) Channel Number:69 12227H Housefull Action (9x Bajao)
ABS Free Dish Divya Channel Number:70 12227H Divya
ABS Free Dish Live India Channel Number:71 12227H Live India
ABS Free Dish Mi Marathi Channel Number:72 12227H Mi Marathi
ABS Free Dish M Tunes Channel Number:73 12227H M Tunes
ABS Free Dish Trace Urban Asia Channel Number:74 12227H Trace Urban Asia
ABS Free Dish Kalinga TV Channel Number:75 12227H Kalinga TV
ABS Free Dish Dangal TV Channel Number:76 12227H Dangal TV
ABS Free Dish Planet News Channel Number:77 12227H Planet News
ABS Free Dish Omkar News Channel Number:78 12227H Omkar News
ABS Free Dish Peace of Mind Channel Number:79 12227H Peace of Mind
ABS Free Dish Channel no.2 Channel Number:80 12227H Channel no.2
ABS Free Dish Assam Talk Channel Number:81 12227H Assam Talk
ABS Free Dish Kasthuri TV Channel Number:82 12227H Kasthuri TV
ABS Free Dish News Time 24X7 Channel Number:83 12227H News Time 24X7
ABS Free Dish Enterr10 Channel Number:84 12227H Enterr10
ABS Free Dish Jonack TV Channel Number:85 12227H Jonack TV
ABS Free Dish Zonet Channel Number:86 12227H Zonet
ABS Free Dish Kolkata TV Channel Number:87 12227H Kolkata TV
ABS Free Dish 9XO Channel Number:88 12227H 9XO
ABS Free Dish TV24 Channel Number:89 12227H TV24
ABS Free Dish R-Vision Channel Number:90 12227H R-Vision
ABS Free Dish Test Channel 7780 Channel Number:91 12227H Test Channel 7780
ABS Free Dish Test Channel 7790 Channel Number:92 12227H Test Channel 7790

Free Dish TV Channel List – 12524H Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish TBN Asia Channel Number:93 12524H TBN Asia
ABS Free Dish The Church Channel Number:94 12524H The Church Channel
ABS Free Dish Apostolic Oneness Channel Number:95 12524H Apostolic Oneness
ABS Free Dish Kanal 10 Asia Channel Number:96 12524H Kanal 10 Asia
ABS Free Dish SBN International Channel Number:97 12524H SBN International
ABS Free Dish ABS Corporate Video HD Channel Number:98 12524H ABS Corporate Video HD
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