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Are you using the Airtel DTH? Then, you can view entire info about Airtel Dish TV. Just scroll down this page and check all the amazing Airtel DTH plans. You can get the complete details regarding the exciting Airtel Dish recharge offers. The Airtel digital TV channel list available along with the Airtel DTH price for each channel. If you don’t know the Airtel Digital TV Online recharge process, go through the steps in the below sections of this page and recharge your Airtel Dish TV account easily. There are several recharge process for Airtel Digital TV. Therefore we have mentioned all the Airtel digital TV recharge processes. Are in a dilemma whether to get Airtel DTH or not? Once you go through this entire article and get rid of all the doubts you have regarding the Airtel digital TV connection.

Airtel DTH – Direct To Home

Airtel DTH services are one of the most popular Indian Global telecommunication service company. The Airtel company has its headquarters at New Delhi. The Airtel Digital TV satellite was launched in the year 2008. Airtel company offers the telecommunication services along with the direct to home services. The Airtel is the third largest mobile network operators in India. Airtel digital TV is a direct broadcast satellite service provider. It is operated by Bharti Airtel. The Airtel company is also well known as Bharti Airtel. Along with the digital services, Airtel also provides the mobile services such as GSM, 3G, 4G LTE.

This Airtel Direct-To-Home was launched in India in 2008, which transmits the digital satellite Television signals to all over India. The Airtel DTH subscribers are around 10.07 million as on March 2015. Due to the excellent services provided by the Airtel Direct-To-Home, the Airtel digital TV subscribers are going on increasing. The Airtel dish TV signal compression technology is MPEG-4 and offers interactive services. It offers the interactive services like iDharshan, iKidsworld, iMusicspace and games. The Airtel DTH has the HD channels with 1080 resolution or 720 pixels. The Airtel digital TV has the 16:9 aspect ratio. The image aspect ratio described the relationship between width and height.

Airtel DTH provides the on-demand services i.e., Pay per view (PPV). This type of broadcaster shows the event everyone at the same time. Whereas, the video on demand allows the users to watch the recorded broadcast at any time. The Airtel DTH on demand services include the catalog movies, TV serials and other programs. The Airtel digital TV channel list has several English and other Indian languages.

Benefits Of Airtel Digital TV Connection

  • Flexible to the users.
  • DVD-Video picture quality.
  • Universal Remote ( common for DTH and TV).
  • A large number of HD channels.
  • Access to Radio Channels.
  • Navigation is easy and has the efficient software.
  • Disturbances due to Rian are very low.
  • Self-care Portal ( add or remove channels).
  • Connection cost is low.
  • Free Home delivery.

When compared to the other DTH services in India, the Airtel DTH has the most superior features. All the above mentioned features are unique features in Digital TV services. Airtel digital TV is more flexible to use as it offers the recharge plans and lucrative packages. So, get the Airtel DTH TV and enjoy the HD picture quality along with other amazing offers.

Airtel DTH

What is Airtel Digital/ DTH TV?

Full form of DTH is “Direct To Home.” In olden days, there is only cable TV system. The cable TV network is operated by the cable distributors. The DTH satellite signals are received by the cable operator using the dish antennas. Then, they process the digital signals into low frequencies and sent them through a long cable wire to every house. This is a long process and waste of cable wire. Therefore, all the people prefer the DTH than the cable TV.

All the digital signals are received from the geosynchronous satellites. The Direct to home is nothing but getting the digital signal directly to your home using a Set-Top-Box (STB). This set-top box decodes the satellite compressed signal and gives the output which is nothing but the TV picture. The another advantage of having the Airtel dish TV is the connection cost is very cheap. So, the cable TV connections are replaced by the Digital TV connections. SES – 7 is the commercial communication satellite, from this satellite the Airtel digital TV receives the digital signals directly.

 How to Get Online Airtel Dish TV New Connection ?

If you want to buy Airtel DTH new connection online, you can avail exclusive offers. There will be only three steps for buying New Airtel HD connection.

  • I step: Select your Package.
  • II Step: Fill in your details.
  • III Step: Payment options.

Just simply follow the below steps to buy Oline Airtel digital TV connection easily.

  • Click on the below link to buy Airtel Dish TV.
  • Now, you have to select your connection as DTH.
  • Then, select your region (south/All/ Rest of India).
  • Select your Airtel Dish TV set-top box type (HD/HD recorded/ standard).
  • You can select the package duration and choose your Airtel dish TV packages from the below list and clock on “subscribe now.”
  • The first is completed, in the second the step you have to fill the details to get new Airtel digital TV connection.
  • The details to be filled are
    • Name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Mobile number.
    • Email id address.
  • Click on submit button; then the second step will be completed.
  • In the third step of the Online Airtel New DTH connection, you have to select the payment options.
  • The payment options are Net banking/ debit card/ credit card.
  • Select the Net banking card type and click on the terms and conditions box.
  • Finally, click on “make payment.”

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Airtel Digital TV Channel List

After you get the Airtel DTH connection, you may confuse to select your favorite channel. Because the Airtel has the number of HD channels. So, to select the channel you want, we have given the Airtel DTH channel list. You can get the Airtel digital TV channel list for all the categories of Airtel channels such as News, HD, business news channels, DD, Entertainment channels, movie channels, music channels, sports channels, international channels, Devotional channels, etc.

New Airtel Digital TV Channel List

You can find the category wise tables to know your favorite channel number on our site. These Airtel DTH HD channel list helps you to check the required channels list. The channel list along with correct name are available on our site. If you want to add the channels you need, there is a necessity to refer this Airtel dish TV channel list. Click on the below link and get the New updated Airtel channel list.

Airtel DTH Price

The Airtel DTH channel price for each channel is available on our site. If the package you selected does not contain your favorite channel, don’t worry. We have given the category wise Airtel channel price list. Therefore, you can easily check the Airtel DTH Price and add the required channels to your Airtel DTH account easily. You can add or modify the Airtel digital TV channel list with the help of the Airtel channel price list. Moreover, you can find this kind of adding the channels in only Airtel Direct-To-Home (DTH). The price of each Airtel channel is very cheap and you have to recharge for every 30 days/ 6-12 months.

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Airtel Dish TV Set Top Box Price

The Airtel Airtel HD set-top box Price along with the Airtel DTH remote price are provided on our site. You have to select the Airtel Dth Plan along with the Airtel Set-top box. There will be 3 types of Airtel Digital TV set-top boxes. Based on your requirement and picture quality you can select the set-top box type. The New Airtel Dish TV set-top box installation is free. If you buy the Online Airtel DTH, there will be free home delivery. The Airtel DTH new connection price depends on the type of set-top box select. Following are the Airtel Dish TV set-top box types.

  • HD Recorder.
  • HD +.
  • Standard.

New Airtel DTH Plans

You can find the Airtel digital TV plans and packages on our site. Airtel Dish TV Packages for all the different categories of channels are tabulated on our site. Check the Airtel HD DTH recharge plans subscribe now. The Airtel DTH packages along with price and number of channels are available here. There will be plenty of Airtel packages depending on your pack duration. The following are the Airtel digital TV packs.

  • South India Packs.
  • Rest of India Packs.
  • Chota packs.
  • Delhi Plans.
  • Featured Packs.
  • HD packages etc.

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Airtel DTH Online Recharge

If you don’t know the Online Airtel DTH recharge process, click on the link below and get complete details about the Airtel digital TV recharge. We have given the stepwise process to recharge your Airtel TV account. The Airtel has presented the various ways to Online Airtel Digital TV recharge. Therefore, based upon your availability you can recharge your Airtel dish TV account. We have mentioned all ways of Airtel DTH online recharge. For furthermore, info regarding the Airtel digital TV online recharge, click on the link below.

Click here to get Airtel Digital TV Recharge Process

 Airtel DTH Customer Care Number

If you get any problem in the Airtel digital TV or any other services and digital signal problems simply call to the Airtel DTH HD customer care. The Airtel customer care will be available at any time and solve your Aitel DTH problems. The Artel digital customer care support gives 24*7 services in 12 languages. Therefore, we have provided the Airtel dish TV customer care numbers in the below table. You can also email your comments, quarries, suggestions to the Airtel DTH customer care to the below email address. If you are an Airtel user simply dial 12150.

Airtel customer care Email id:

 Local Airtel Customer Care Numbers List

State Name Local Customer Care Number
Airtel DTH Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Customer Care 0755 4448080
Airtel Digital TV Uttar Pradesh Customer Care 0522 4448080
Airtel DTH Karnataka Customer Care 080 44448080
Airtel Direct-To-Home Andhra Pradesh Customer Care 040 44448080
Airtel DTH Mumbai Customer Care 022 44448080
Airtel Dish TV Maharashtra Customer Care 020 44448080
Airtel DTH Himachal Pradesh Customer Care 08628048080
Airtel Direct-To-Home Assam Customer Care 08133848080
Airtel DTH Jammu & Kashmir Customer Care 09596748080
Airtel Digital Bihar & Jharkhand Customer Care 09955148080
Airtel DTH West Bental Customer Care 033 44448080
Airtel DTH Delhi Customer Care 011 44448080
Airtel DTH Tamil Nadu Customer Care 044 44448080
Airtel DTH Kerala Customer Care 0484 4448080
Airtel North East Customer Care 08132948080
Airtel DTH Haryana Customer Care 0124 4448080
Airtel DTH Gujarat Customer Care 079 44448080
Airtel DTH Rajasthan Customer Care 0141 4448080
Airtel Digital TV Orissa Customer Care 07077448080
Airtel DTH Punjab Customer Care 0172 4448080 © 2017 Frontier Theme