DD Free Dish New Channel List – Latest DDFD frequency wise Channels

DD Free Dish Channel List is available on this page. You can refer to the latest upcoming Doordarshan Free Dish Channels which is available here. Check DD Free Dish Frequency Wise Channel List. From the time it launched its services to till now it is upgrading its services. Now Doordarshan Free Dish Capacity is it provides 80 SDTV Channels and 32 Radio Channels. Therefore know the latest DD Free Dish upcoming Channel List.

DD Free Dish Channel List

The DD Free Dish is the India’s only free Direct-to-home Service. DD Free Dish launched its services in December 2004. It is previously known as DD Direct plus. The DD Free Dish services are operated and owned by public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati.

Among all the DTH Services DD Free dish is different as the Doordarshan Free dish is not charging any monthly payment on the channels that you are Watching. It requires only one-time buying or purchasing DD Free Dish Connection i.e it contains only the Set-top-box and small dish antenna. So after that, you have to know Latest upcoming DD Free Dish channel list according to the frequency wise. Therefore you can get DD Free Dish Channel List from the below sections.

Doordarshan Free Dish Frequency Wise Channel List

From the above points, you can get an idea about the channels that come under different frequencies ranges. So, below we have provided Channels in table wise. Thus, read the article carefully to know DD Free Dish frequency wise channels.

DD direct plus Channel List for 11090 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish DD-1 Channel Number:1

11090 MHZ

DD Free Dish DD News Channel Number:2

11090 MHZ

DD News
DD Free Dish DD Sports Channel Number:3 11090 MHZ DD Sports
DD Free Dish DD Kisan Channel Number:4 11090 MHZ DD Kisan
DD Free Dish DD Bharati Channel Number:5 11090 MHZ DD Bharati
DD Free Dish DD Bangla Channel Number:6 11090 MHZ DD Bangla
DD Free Dish DD Chandana Channel Number:7 11090 MHZ DD Chandana
DD Free Dish DD Girnar Channel Number:8 11090 MHZ DD Girnar
DD Free Dish DD Kashir Channel Number:9 11090 MHZ DD Kashir
DD Free Dish Maha Movie Channel Number:10 11090 MHZ Maha Movie
DD Free Dish Ashtha Bhajan Channel Number:11 11090 MHZ Ashtha Bhajan
DD Free Dish B-4U Movies Channel Number:12 11090 MHZ B-4U Movies
DD Free Dish WOW Cinema Channel Number:13 11090 MHZ WOW Cinema
DD Free Dish India News Channel Number:14 11090 MHZ India News
DD Free Dish IBN 7 Channel Number:15 11090 MHZ IBN 7
DD Free Dish Big Magic Ganga 3 Channel Number:16 11090 MHZ Big Magic Ganga 3

DD Free Dish New Channel List for 11170 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish DD Rajasthan Channel Number:17

11170 MHZ

DD Rajasthan
DD Free Dish DD Oriya Channel Number:18 11170 MHZ DD Oriya
DD Free Dish DD Podhigai Channel Number:19 11170 MHZ DD Podhigai
DD Free Dish DD Punjabi Channel Number:20 11170 MHZ DD Punjabi
DD Free Dish DD Sahyadri Channel Number:21 11170 MHZ DD Sahyadri
DD Free Dish DD Yadagir Channel Number:22 11170 MHZ DD Yadagir
DD Free Dish DD Malayalam Channel Number:23 11170 MHZ DD Malayalam
DD Free Dish Lok Sabha Channel Number:24 11170 MHZ Lok Sabha
DD Free Dish Rajya Sabha Channel Number:25 11170 MHZ Rajya Sabha
DD Free Dish Vaa Movies Channel Number:26 11170 MHZ Vaa Movies
DD Free Dish Dangal Channel Number:27 11170 MHZ Dangal
DD Free Dish Bhojpuri Cinema Channel Number:28 11170 MHZ Bhojpuri Cinema
DD Free Dish DD Bihar Channel Number:29 11170 MHZ DD Bihar
DD Free Dish DD North East Channel Number:30 11170 MHZ DD North East
DD Free Dish DD UP Channel Number:31 11170 MHZ DD UP
DD Free Dish Sadhna National Channel Number:32 11170 MHZ Sadhna National

Doordarshan DTH Channel List for 11470 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish Naaptol Blue Channel Number:33 11470 MHZ Naaptol Blue
DD Free Dish DD Urdu Channel Number:34 11470 MHZ DD Urdu
DD Free Dish Cinema TV Channel Number:35 11470 MHZ Cinema TV
DD Free Dish DD Saptagiri Channel Number:36 11470 MHZ DD Saptagiri
DD Free Dish India TV Channel Number:37 11470 MHZ India TV
DD Free Dish  Aastha TV Channel Number:38 11470 MHZ Aastha TV
DD Free Dish Manoranjan TV Channel Number:39 11470 MHZ Manoranjan TV
DD Free Dish News Nation Channel Number:40 11470 MHZ News Nation
DD Free Dish Sony Pal Channel Number:41 11470 MHZ Sony Pal
DD Free Dish Dabanng Channel Number:42 11470 MHZ Dabanng
DD Free Dish Rishtey Channel Number:43 11470 MHZ Rishtey
DD Free Dish Sony Mix Channel Number:44 11470 MHZ Sony Mix
DD Free Dish Home Shop 18 Channel Number:45 11470 MHZ Home Shop 18
DD Free Dish DD MP Channel Number:46 11470 MHZ DD MP
DD Free Dish Enterr 10 Channel Number:47 11470 MHZ Enterr 10
DD Free Dish APN News Channel Number:48 11470 MHZ APN News

Free DTH Set-top-box Channel List for 11510 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish Big Magic Channel Number:49

11510 MHZ

Big Magic
DD Free Dish Sanskar Channel Number:50  11510 MHZ Sanskar
DD Free Dish 9XM Channel Number:51 11510 MHZ 9XM
DD Free Dish Teleshop Channel Number:52 11510 MHZ Teleshop
DD Free Dish India 24×7 Channel Number:53 11510 MHZ India 24×7
DD Free Dish Star Utsav Channel Number:54 11510 MHZ Star Utsav
DD Free Dish Zee Anmol Channel Number:55 11510 MHZ Zee Anmol
DD Free Dish Masti Channel Number:56 11510 MHZ Masti
DD Free Dish B-4U Music Channel Number:57 11510 MHZ B-4U Music
DD Free Dish Dillagiii Channel Number:58 11510 MHZ Dillagiii
DD Free Dish News StateUttarakhand/Uttar
Pradesh Channel Number:59
11510 MHZ News State
DD Free Dish News 24 Channel Number:60 11510 MHZ News 24
DD Free Dish Sony Wah Channel Number:61 11510 MHZ Sony Wah
DD Free Dish Aaj Tak Channel Number:62 11510 MHZ Aaj Tak
DD Free Dish ABP News Channel Number:63 11510 MHZ ABP News
DD Free Dish Chardikla Time TV Channel Number:64 11510 MHZ Chardikla Time TV

DD Free Dish Channels with 11550 MHZ Frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range

DD Free Dish Channel List

DD Free Dish Manoranjan Movies Channel Number:65

11550 MHZ

Manoranjan Movies
DD Free Dish Movie House Channel Number:66 11550 MHZ Movie House
DD Free Dish Vision TV Channel Number:67 11550 MHZ Vision TV
DD Free Dish Star Utsav Movies Channel Number:68 11550 MHZ Star Utsav Movies
DD Free Dish Russia Today Channel Number:69 11550 MHZ Russia Today
DD Free Dish Zee Anmol Cinema Channel Number:70 11550 MHZ Zee Anmol Cinema
DD Free Dish 9X Bajao Channel Number:71 11550 MHZ 9X Bajao
DD Free Dish RT Movies Channel Number:72 11550 MHZ RT Movies
DD Free Dish Zee News Channel Number:73 11550 MHZ Zee News
DD Free Dish India News HD Channel Number:74 11550 MHZ India News HD
DD Free Dish 9X Jalwa Channel Number:75 11550 MHZ 9X Jalwa
DD Free Dish Rishtey Cineplex Channel Number:76 11550 MHZ Rishtey Cineplex
DD Free Dish Vision TV Shiksha Channel Number:77 11550 MHZ Vision TV Shiksha
DD Free Dish MTV Beats Channel Number:78 11550 MHZ MTV Beats
DD Free Dish Fakt Marathi Channel Number:79 11550 MHZ Fakt Marathi
DD Free Dish Chitrapat Marathi Channel Number:80 11550 MHZ Chitrapat Marathi

DD Free Dish Radio Channel List – 11090 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish AIR VBS Channel Number:1

11090 MHZ

DD Free Dish AIR Telugu Channel Number:2 11090 MHZ AIR Telugu
DD Free Dish  AIR Marathi Channel Number:3 11090 MHZ AIR Marathi
DD Free Dish AIR Tamil Channel Number:4 11090 MHZ AIR Tamil
DD Free Dish AIR National Channel Number:5 11090 MHZ AIR National
DD Free Dish FM Rainbow Kolkata Channel Number:6 11090 MHZ FM Rainbow Kolkata
DD Free Dish AIR Vijayawada Channel Number:7 11090 MHZ AIR Vijayawada
DD Free Dish Test 108 Channel Number:8 11090 MHZ Test 108

Doordarshan Free Dish Radi Channel List – 11170 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish AIR Gujrati Channel Number:9

11170 MHZ

AIR Gujrati
DD Free Dish FM Rainbow Channel Number:10 11170 MHZ FM Rainbow
DD Free Dish AIR Punjabi Channel Number:11 11170 MHZ AIR Punjabi
DD Free Dish FM Gold Channel Number:12 11170 MHZ FM Gold
DD Free Dish Radio Kashmir Channel Number:13 11170 MHZ Radio Kashmir
DD Free Dish Test 206 Channel Number:14 11170 MHZ Test 206
DD Free Dish Test 207 Channel Number:15 11170 MHZ Test 207
DD Free Dish Test 208 Channel Number:16 11170 MHZ Test 208

DD Free Dish Radio Channels – 11470 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish AIR Kannada Channel Number:17

11470 MHZ

AIR Kannada
DD Free Dish AIR Bangla Channel Number:18 11470 MHZ AIR Bangla
DD Free Dish AIR Hindi Channel Number:19 11470 MHZ AIR Hindi
DD Free Dish AIR N.E Channel Number:20 11470 MHZ AIR N.E
DD Free Dish FM Rainbow Chennai Channel Number:21 11470 MHZ FM Rainbow Chennai
DD Free Dish Gold Marathi Channel Number:22 11470 MHZ Gold Marathi
DD Free Dish Test 307 Channel Number:23 11470 MHZ Test 307
DD Free Dish Test 308 Channel Number:24 11470 MHZ Test 308

DD direct plus Radio Channels – 11510 MHZ frequency

Channel Name Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish AIR Ragam Channel Number:25

11510 MHZ

AIR Ragam
DD Free Dish FM Rainbow Bangalore Channel Number:26 11510 MHZ FM Rainbow Bangalore
DD Free Dish AIR Urdu Channel Number:27 11510 MHZ AIR Urdu
DD Free Dish AIR Oriya Channel Number:28 11510 MHZ AIR Oriya
DD Free Dish AIR Malayalam Channel Number:29 11510 MHZ AIR Malayalam
DD Free Dish AIR Assamese Channel Number:30 11510 MHZ AIR Assamese
DD Free Dish Test 407 Channel Number:31 11510 MHZ Test 407
DD Free Dish Test 408 Channel Number:32 11510 MHZ Test 408

For More details regarding DD Free Dish Channel List can get from above. Also, you can refer to the below link for more information.

DD Direct Plus Channel List

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