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Do you want to replace your connection with DD Free Dish? Here you can know the details about DD Free Dish. DD Direct Plus is available for you at low cost. The users can find the Complete information about DD Free Dish on this page. Read the full article to get an idea about DD Direct Plus Price, Channel list, Installation process, etc.

About DTH

Direct-to-Home is famously known as DTH. In India, most of the people are using DTH. It receives signals directly from the satellite. Hence, with the help of some small size dish receiver with an antenna diameter of 60 cm to 90 cm signals are received from the satellite. Therefore, you will receive DTH signals from anywhere across the country. It gives you High-Resolution picture and better audio quality than other cable connections. It is the one and only Free dish in India.

DTH transmission mostly prefers Ku-Band to avoid the need of large size dish receivers. For satisfying the needs of the users, the DTH are going to increase more channels. The DTH contains a broadcasting center, encoders, satellites, multiplexers and DTH receivers. The encoder in DTH converts the audio, video signals and data signals into digital signals. The Set-top box and small antenna dish in your home receive the digital signals and again converts them into video and audio signals.

DD Free Dish – Overview

Previously DD Free Dish is called as DD Direct Plus. DD Free Dish is a Free-To-Air multi-channel DTH Service. It was launched in December 2004 by the prime minister of India with 33 channels. It is updating its’s capacity time to time. The present capacity of the DD Direct Plus is 104 SDTV Channels and 40 Radio Channels with new MPEG – 4, DVB-S2 Stream. The DD Free Dish Services is going to launch some new channels very soon. Hence, it is a combination of Doordarshan TV Channels, Private Channels, and ration channels. Normally, we see the cable channels in TV Mode. But in DTH we have to view the channels in AV Mode by selecting the option in TV remote.

In India, all the DTH services are paid services. But the DD Free Dish is not like that, and it is available for you at low cost. You have to spend the money while purchasing a new connection. Along with the set-top box, you will receive a small size dish Antenna and a remote. After that, you can enjoy the service freely. There is no need to recharge monthly like other DTH services. So, the interested people who want to replace their connection with DD Free Dish Connection have to know the installation process. We had given the processing steps of DD Direct Plus in the below section.

DD Direct Plus Price

For the sake of the people, Doordarshan DTH is offering the DD Direct Plus at very low price. The users have to spend the money only while buying a new connection. There is no need of the monthly rental. You can buy a new connection in 2 ways. There are either online or offline. If you want to buy in online, you can use all shopping sites. You will receive a small Dish size antenna and a Set-Top box along with a remote. For each TV, separate Set-Box is necessary. So, we are also giving the DD Free Dish Price details and installation process on our site. To know the details of DD Direct Plus Price open the below link.

Click here to view the DD Free DTH Price and Installation Process

Doordarshan DD Free Dish Channel List

The people who don’t know the DD Direct Plus Channel list can see here. We are providing the DD Freedish Channel list along with the frequency on our site. If you change your location from current place to another location, you can carry your Dish along with you. After changing, you have to install the settings and tune the channels by varying the frequency. So, you can again see all channels on your TV. To know more details about the DD Direct Plus Channel list along with the frequency list view the link.

Click here to know the Doordarshan Free Dish Channel List Along with Frequencies

 DTH DD Receiver Frequency List

Transponder Polarization Downlink Frequency (MHz) LNB Frequency (MHz) Symbol Rate(Ksps) FEC
16-K (36 MHz) v 11090 9750 29500 3/4
18-K (36 MHz) v 11170 9750 29500 3/4
19-K (36 MHz) v 11470 9750 29500 3/4
20-K (36 MHz) v 11510 9750 29500 3/4
21-K (36 MHz) v 11550 9750 29500 3/4

From the above table, you can see the DD Receiver’s Parameters and Frequency list. If any problem occurs while installing, you can call to the DD Direct Plus Customer Care Number. They will always guide you to in any time.

DD Doordarshan Free Dish TV Remote Settings

Many people don’t know the remote settings and how to set the Frequency. So, those people can check the below sections to know the dd direct + remote settings.

  • First of all, click on the menu button on the remote.
  • Go to installation or setup Programme option.
  • Enter the details as given in the below tabular column.
    Satellite GSAT- 15
    ‘T P Frequency’ 11090 MHz
    ‘LNB Frequency’ 09750 MHz
    ‘Symbol rate’ 2

    9500 Ksps

    ‘Polarization’ V
    ‘22K’ OFF
    ‘Search mode’ FTA
    ‘Disc. Equal’. Off
  • Finally, press OK button to activate the above options.
  • Therefore, you can view all the new TV channels and radio services on the display.
  • To set more frequencies and other details see the below table.


    Polarization Symbol
    Rate (Ksps)



    22K Disc.


    11090 v 29500 3/4 09750 Off Off
    11170 v 29500 3/4 09750 Off Off
    11470 v 29500 3/4 10600 Off Off
    11510 v 29500 3/4 10600 Off Off
    11550 v 29500 3/4 10600 Off Off
  • There is also a chance to delete channels in your TV by using some settings in Remote.
  • To remove any channel go to edit program option.
  • Select the Delete option in your remote and click on it.
  • By using up and down keys, choose the channel which you want to remove.
  • Press OK button to delete the selected channels.
  • Some Set-Top Boxes have limited capacity, and it will not store all channels.
  • So, the users have to delete some stored channels to get the new channels on our TV.
  • Auto Scan option in your TV helps you to return the channels back.
  • Finally, select the Auto Scan mode to get Free / FTA Channels.


If you feel any difficulty while setting the Set-Top Box or in the installation process, you can contact with your near STB dealer, or you can call to the DD Free Dish Helpline number – 1800-110-510. The provided information is taken from the official website. For furthermore details about DD Direct Plus, you can also refer the Official website.

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