Dish TV New Channel list with Channel Numbers | Dish TV DTH Channel List

Have you recently got the Dish TV Connection? Then you have to know all Channels with Channel numbers. Here we have recently updated Dish TV Channel List with new Channel numbers. It is very important to know Dish Tv channel numbers. So, by knowing Channel numbers, you can quickly search for a particular channel from the total channel list. Therefore, get free dish TV new Channel list and channel numbers from the official site.

Dish TV Channel List

Dish TV is the Indis’s largest DTH television services. The Dish TV has launched its services on 2 October 2003. It uses MPEG-4 technology to provide high definition screen display. Dish TV is a division of Zee Entertainment Enterprise. It is also voted as India’s most DTH trusted brand according to the Brand Trust Report in 2014. Until 30 September 2016, it has about 15.1 million subscribers.

The Dish TV has an advantage that you can pay money to the package list that you have selected. i.e. you can make your own package list by selecting the channels from the channel list which is mentioned below. So, that you can pay money for those channels which are under your package. For this, you have to know the individual channels price so that you can easily select the channels based on the price. Thus visit our website for more details about the channel list, dish tv channel price and also for recharge options.

Free Dish TV Channels with New Channel Numbers

From the above mention points, you will get a clear idea about the Dish TV Channels. here we have provided channels according to language wise and also category wise. So, check the below Dish TV Channel list along with new Channels numbers. Therefore the Channels are listed below.

Dish TV HD Channel List  Channel Name  Channel Number   Dish TV Channel List
1. Dish TV Zee TV HD Channel Number  1   Zee TV HD
2.  Dish TV Colors HD Channel Number  2   Colors HD
3. Dish TV &TV HD Channel Number 3   &TV HD
4.  Dish TV Sony HD Channel Number 4  Sony HD
5. Dish TV Star Plus HD Channel Number 5  Star Plus HD
6. Dish TV Life OK HD Channel Number 6   Life OK HD
7. Dish TV SAB HD Channel Number 7  SAB HD
8.  Dish TV Naaptol HD Channel Number 11  Naaptol HD
9. Dish TV Zee Cinema HD Channel Number 12  Zee Cinema HD
10. Dish TV &Pictures HD Channel Number 13 &Pictures HD
11. Dish TV Sony Max HD Channel Number 14 Sony Max HD
12. Dish TV Star Gold HD Channel Number 16 Star Gold HD
13. Dish TV Zee Studio HD Channel Number 22 Zee Studio HD
14. Dish TV MN+ HD Channel Number 23 MN+ HD
15. Dish TV Romedy Now HD Channel Number 24 Romedy Now HD
16. Dish TV HBO HD Channel Number 25 HBO HD
17. 1Dish TV Star Movies HD Channel Number 26 2Star Movies HD
18. Dish TV Sony Pix HD Channel Number 27 Sony Pix HD
19. Dish TV Star Movies Select HD Channel Number 28 Star Movies Select HD
20. Dish TV Zee Cafe HD Channel Number 35 Zee Cafe HD
21. Dish TV AXN HD Channel Number 37 AXN HD
22. Dish TV Colors Infinity HD Channel Number 38 Colors Infinity HD
23. Dish TV Star World HD Channel Number 39 Star World HD
24. Dish TV Star World Premiere HD Channel Number 40 Star World Premiere HD
25. Dish TV Comedy Central HD Channel Number 41 Comedy Central HD
26. Dish TV Travel XP HD Channel Number 45 Travel XP HD
27. Dish TV Fox Life HD Channel Number 46 Fox Life HD
28. Dish TV TLC HD Channel Number 49 TLC HD
29. Dish TV Discovery HD World Channel Number 50 Discovery HD World
30. Dish TV Nat Geo HD Channel Number 51 Nat Geo HD
31. Dish TV Animal Planet HD World Channel Number 52 Animal Planet HD World
32. Dish TV NGC Wild HD Channel Number 53 NGC Wild HD
33. Dish TV NGC People HD Channel Number 54 NGC People HD
34. Dish TV History HD Channel Number 56 History HD
35. Dish TV Nick HD+ Channel Number 63 Nick HD+
36. Dish TV Baby TV HD Channel Number 64 Baby TV HD
37. Dish TV MTV Beats HD Channel Number 67 6MTV Beats HD
38. Dish TV NGC Music HD Channel Number 8 NGC Music HD
39. Dish TV M Tunes HD Channel Number 69 M Tunes HD
40. Dish TV Zee Marathi HD Channel Number 70 Zee Marathi HD
41. Dish TV Colors Marathi HD Channel Number 71 7Colors Marathi HD
42. Dish TV Zee Talkies HD Channel Number 72 Zee Talkies HD
43. Dish TV Zee Bangla HD Channel Number 73 Zee Bangla HD
44. Dish TV Colors Bangla HD Channel Number 74 Colors Bangla HD
45. Dish TV CNBC Prime HD Channel Number 76 CNBC Prime HD
46. Dish TV Ten 1 HD Channel Number 80 Ten 1 HD
47. Dish TV Ten Golf HD Channel Number 81 Ten Golf HD
48. Dish TV Sony Six HD Channel Number 82 Sony Six HD
49. Dish TV Star Sports HD 1 Channel Number 83 Star Sports HD 1
50. Dish TV Star Sports HD 2 Channel Number 84 Star Sports HD 2
51. Dish TV Star Sports HD 3 Channel Number 85 Star Sports HD 3
52. Dish TV Star Sports HD 4 Channel Number 86 Star Sports HD 4
53. Dish TV Sony ESPN HD Channel Number 87 Sony ESPN HD
54. Dish TV Star Sports Select HD 1 Channel Number 88 55Star Sports Select HD 1
55. Dish TV Sun TV HD Channel Number 90 56Sun TV HD
56. Dish TV K TV HD Channel Number 91 K TV HD
57. Dish TV Sun Music HD Channel Number 92 Sun Music HD
58. Dish TV Gemini TV HD Channel Number 93 Gemini TV HD
59. Dish TV ETV HD Channel Number 94 ETV HD
60. Dish TV Colors Kannada HD Channel Number 95 Colors Kannada HD
61. Dish TV Dish Buzz HD Channel Number 99 Dish Buzz HD

Dish TV Telugu Channel List

 Channel Name Channel Number   Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Zee Cinemalu Channel Number 915  Zee Cinemalu
Dish TV Gemini Movies Channel Number 916  Gemini Movies
Dish TV Zee Telugu Channel Number 917   Zee Telugu
Dish TV ETV Telugu Channel Number 918   ETV Telugu
Dish TV Maa TV Channel Number 919   Maa TV
Dish TV ETV Telangana Channel Number 920  ETV Telangana
Dish TV Gemini TV Channel Number 921   Gemini TV
Dish TV ETV Andhra Pradesh Channel Number 922   ETV Andhra Pradesh
Dish TV Gemini Comedy Channel Number 923   Gemini Comedy
Dish TV Gemini Music Channel Number 924   Gemini Music
Dish TV TV10 Telugu News Channel Number 925 TV10 Telugu News
Dish TV TV9 Telugu Channel Number 926 TV9 Telugu
Dish TV TV5 Channel Number 928 TV5
Dish TV Sakshi TV Channel Number 929 Sakshi TV
Dish TV NTV Channel Number 930 NTV
Dish TV Maa Movies Channel Number 931 Maa Movies
Dish TV Maa Music Channel Number 932 Maa Music
Dish TV Maa Gold Channel Number 933 Maa Gold
Dish TV Subavaartha Channel Number 934 Subavaartha
Dish TV ABN Andhra Jyoti Channel Number 935 ABN Andhra Jyoti
Dish TV T News Channel Number 937 T News
Dish TV V6 News Channel Number 938 V6 News
Dish TV ETV Cinema Channel Number 941 ETV Cinema
Dish TV ETV Plus Channel Number 942 ETV Plus
Dish TV DD Yadagiri Channel Number 943 DD Yadagiri
Dish TV DD Saptgiri Channel Number 944 DD Saptgiri

Free Dish TV Channels – Hindi Channels

  • Hindi Entertainment Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number   Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Zindagi Channel Number 104   Zindagi
Dish TV Sony Channel Number 105   Sony
Dish TV Sony Sab Channel Number 106  Sony Sab
Dish TV &TV Channel Number 107 1 &TV
Dish TV Star Plus Channel Number 108   Star Plus
Dish TV Life OK Channel Number 109 1 Life OK
Dish TV Zee TV Channel Number 110  Zee TV
Dish TV Colors Channel Number 111   Colors
Dish TV Big Magic Channel Number 112   Big Magic
Dish TV Zee Anmol Channel Number 113 Zee Anmol
Dish TV Star Utsav Channel Number 114 Star Utsav
Dish TV Rishtey Channel Number 115 Rishtey
Dish TV EPIC Channel Number 121 EPIC
Dish TV Sony Pal Channel Number 125 Sony Pal
Dish TV ID Channel Number 128 ID
Dish TV Bindass Channel Number 131 Bindass
Dish TV Sahara One Channel Number 134 1Sahara One
Dish TV DD Bharati Channel Number 135 DD Bharati
Dish TV DD National Channel Number 137 DD National
Dish TV DD India Channel Number 138 DD India
Dish TV Dangal Channel Number 1560 Dangal
  • Hindi Movies Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Zee Cinema Channel Number 200 2 Zee Cinema
Dish TV &Pictures Channel Number 201  &Pictures
Dish TV Zee Action Channel Number 202  Zee Action
Dish TV Zee Classic Channel Number 203  Zee Classic
Dish TV Rishtey Cineplex Channel Number 204  Rishtey Cineplex
Dish TV Dabangg Channel Number 205  Dabangg
Dish TV UTV Movies Channel Number 207 UTV Movies
Dish TV UTV Action Channel Number 208 UTV Action
Dish TV Sony Max Channel Number 210  Sony Max
Dish TV Sony Max 2 Channel Number 211 Sony Max 2
Dish TV Miniplex Channel Number 212 Miniplex
Dish TV Movies Ok Channel Number 213 Movies Ok
Dish TV Cinema TV Channel Number 214 Cinema TV
Dish TV Star Gold Channel Number 215 Star Gold
Dish TV WOW Cinema Channel Number 216 WOW Cinema
Dish TV B4U Movies Channel Number 217 B4U Movies
Dish TV Vision TV Shiksha Channel Number 218 Vision TV Shiksha
Dish TV Vaa Movies Channel Number 220 Vaa Movies
Dish TV Movie House Channel Number 221 Movie House
Dish TV Maha Movie Channel Number 224 Maha Movie
Dish TV RT Movies Channel Number 225 RT Movies
Dish TV Manoranjan TV Channel Number 1475 Manoranjan TV
Dish TV Dillagi Channel Number 1600 Dillagi
Dish TV Enter 10 Channel Number 1618 Enter 10
Dish TV Manoranjan Movies Channel Number 2201 Manoranjan Movies
Dish TV Housefull Movies Channel Number 2203 HouseFull Movies
Dish TV Star Utsav Movies Channel Number 2204 Star Utsav Movies
Dish TV Sony Wah Channel Number 2205 Sony Wah
Dish TV Zee Anmol Cinema Channel Number 2206 Zee Anmol Cinema
Dish TV 9X Bajao Channel Number 2207 9X Bajao
  • Hindi News Channels

 Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV DD News Channel Number 549 DD News
Dish TV Zee News Channel Number 555 Zee News
Dish TV India TV Channel Number 557 India TV
Dish TV Aaj Tak Channel Number 558 Aaj Tak
Dish TV News Nation Channel Number 560 News Nation
Dish TV NDTV India Channel Number 562 NDTV India
Dish TV News 24 Channel Number 563 News 24
Dish TV News18 India Channel Number 565 News18 India
Dish TV India News Channel Number 566 India News
Dish TV Channel One News Channel Number 567 Channel One News
Dish TV Sadhna News Channel Number 568 Sadhna News
Dish TV ABP News Channel Number 569 ABP News
Dish TV India 24×7 Channel Number 570 India 24×7
Dish TV Tez Channel Number 571 Tez
Dish TV Sahara Samay Channel Number 572 Sahara Samay
Dish TV DD Lok Sabha Channel Number 579 DD Lok Sabha
Dish TV DD Rajya Sabha Channel Number 580 DD Rajya Sabha
Dish TV India News Channel Number 2210 India News
Dish TV APN News TV Channel Number 2116 APN News TV
Dish TV ABP News Channel Number 2165 ABP News
  • Hindi Business News

 Channel Name  Channel number Dish TV Channel List 
  Dish TV ZEE Business Channel Number 590   ZEE Business
Dish TV CNBC Awaaz Channel Number 591  CNBC Awaaz

List of Dish TV Channels – English Channels

  • English Movie Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
 Dish TV Zee Studio Channel Number 401  Zee Studio
Dish TV  Romedy Now Channel Number 403  Romedy Now
Dish TV Sony Pix Channel Number 409  Sony Pix
Dish TV Movies Now Channel Number 410 Movies Now
Dish TV Star Movies Action Channel Number 411 Star Movies Action
Dish TV HBO Channel Number 413 HBO
Dish TV WB Channel Number 416 41WB
Dish TV Star Movies Channel Number 419 Star Movies
Dish TV Movies Now 2 Channel Number 421 Movies Now 2
  • English Entertainment Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Zee Cafe Channel Number 450 Zee Cafe
Dish TV Colors Infinity Channel Number 452 Colors Infinity
Dish TV FX Channel Number 453 FX
Dish TV Star World Channel Number 454 Star World
Dish TV AXN Channel Number 455 AXN
Dish TV Comedy Central Channel Number  456 Comedy Central
  • English Business News Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
 Dish TV ET Now Channel Number  597  ET Now
Dish TV BTVi Channel Number 598 BTVi
Dish TV CNBC TV18 Channel Number 601 CNBC TV18
Dish TV NDTV Profit/Prime Channel Number 602 NDTV Profit/Prime
  • English News Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV NDTV 24×7 Channel Number  603  NDTV 24×7
Dish TV India Today Channel Number 604 India Today
Dish TV Wion Channel Number 605 6Wion
Dish TV Times Now Channel Number 606 Times Now
Dish TV CNN News 18 Channel Number 607 CNN News 18

Dish TV Channels – Malayalam Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV  Asianet Channel Number 701  Asianet
Dish TV Surya TV Channel Number 702 Surya TV
Dish TV Asianet Plus Channel Number 703 Asianet Plus
Dish TV Flowers TV Channel Number 705 Flowers TV
Dish TV Kairali TV Channel Number 708 Kairali TV
Dish TV Amrita TV Channel Number 709 Amrita TV
Dish TV Mazhavil Manorama Channel Number 711 Mazhavil Manorama
Dish TV DD Malayalam Channel Number 712 DD Malayalam
Dish TV Kaumudy Channel Number 713 Kaumudy
Dish TV WE TV Channel Number 714  WE TV
Dish TV Asianet Movies Channel Number 716 Asianet Movies
Dish TV Kiran TV Channel Number 719 Kiran TV
Dish TV Asianet News Channel Number 721 Asianet News
Dish TV Reporter TV Channel Number 722 Reporter TV
Dish TV Media One Channel Number 723 Media One
Dish TV Manorama News Channel Number 725 Manorama News
Dish TV Mathrubhumi News Channel Number 727 Mathrubhumi News
Dish TV People TV Channel Number 728 People TV
Dish TV Jeevan TV Channel Number 729 Jeevan TV
Dish TV Janam TV Channel Number 730 Janam TV
Dish TV Safari TV Channel Number 731 Safari TV
Dish TV Kochu Channel Number 734 Kochu
Dish TV Kappa TV Channel Number 735 Kappa TV
Dish TV Goodness TV Channel Number 738 Goodness TV

Dish TV Free Channel List – Urdu Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Zee Salaam Channel Number 786 Zee Salaam
Dish TV ETV Urdu Channel Number 787  ETV Urdu
Dish TV Aalami Samay Channel Number 788 Aalami Samay
Dish TV DD Kashir Channel Number 789 DD Kashir
Dish TV DD Urdu Channel Number 791 DD Urdu

Dish TV Tamil Channel List Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
1. Dish TV Sun TV Channel Number  945  Sun TV
2. Dish TV Zee Tamil Channel Number 946 Zee Tamil
3. Dish TV K TV Channel Number 947 K TV
4. Dish TV Chutti TV Channel Number 948 Chutti TV
5. Dish TV Sun News Channel Number 949 Sun News
6. Dish TV Star Vijay Channel Number 950 Star Vijay
7. Dish TV Siripoli Channel Number 951 Siripoli
8. Dish TV Isai Aruvi Channel Number 952 Isai Aruvi
9. Dish TV Sun Music Channel Number 953 Sun Music
10. Dish TV Jaya Max Channel Number 955 Jaya Max
11. Dish TV Jaya TV Channel Number 956 Jaya TV
12. Dish TV Kalaignar TV Channel Number 957 Kalaignar TV
13. Dish TV Raj TV Channel Number 958 Raj TV
14. Dish TV Raj Digital Plus Channel Number 959 Raj Digital Plus
15. 1Dish TV Captain TV Channel Number 960 Captain TV
16. Dish TV News 7 Tamil Channel Number 961 News 7 Tamil
17. Dish TV Jaya Plus Channel Number 962 Jaya Plus
18. Dish TV Adithya TV Channel Number 963 Adithya TV
19. Dish TV Seithigal Channel Number 964 Seithigal
20. Dish TV Discovery Tamil Channel Number 965 Discovery Tamil
21. Dish TV Mega TV Channel Number 966 Mega TV
22. Dish TV Thanthi TV Channel Number 967 Thanthi TV
23. Dish TV Polimer TV Channel Number 968 Polimer TV
24. Dish TV Puthiyathalamurai Channel Number 969 Puthiyathalamurai
25. Dish TV Vasanth TV Channel Number 970 Vasanth TV
26. Dish TV Makkal TV Channel Number 971 Makkal TV
27. Dish TV Puthuyugam Channel Number 972 Puthuyugam
28. Dish TV Murasu TV Channel Number 976 Murasu TV
29. Dish TV Chithiram TV Channel Number 977 Chithiram TV
30. Dish TV DD Podhigai Channel Number 979 DD Podhigai

Free Channels on Dish TV – Kannada Channels

Channel name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV TV9 Kannada Channel Number  895 TV9 Kannada
Dish TV Udaya Comedy Channel Number 896 Udaya Comedy
Dish TV Suvarna News Channel Number 897 Suvarna News
Dish TV Kasturi TV Channel Number 898 Kasturi TV
Dish TV Suvarna Channel Number 899 Suvarna
Dish TV Zee Kannada Channel Number 900 Zee Kannada
Dish TV Colors Kannada Channel Number 901 9Colors Kannada
Dish TV Colors Super Channel Number 902 90Colors Super
Dish TV Udaya TV Channel Number 903 Udaya TV
Dish TV Udaya Movies Channel Number 904 Udaya Movies
Dish TV Udaya News Channel Number 905 Udaya News
Dish TV Udaya Music Channel Number 906 Udaya Music
Dish TV Suvarna Plus Channel Number 908 Suvarna Plus
Dish TV ETV Kannada News Channel Number 910 ETV Kannada News
Dish TV Public TV Channel Number 911 Public TV
Dish TV Raj Musix Kannada Channel Number 913 Raj Musix Kannada
Dish TV DD Chandana Channel Number 914 DD Chandana

Dish TV Free Channel – Gujarati Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV DD Girnar Channel Number 889 8DD Girnar
Dish TV Colors Gujarati Channel Number 890 Colors Gujarati
Dish TV ETV Gujrati News Channel Number 891 ETV Gujrati News
Dish TV TV9 Gujarati Channel Number 892 TV9 Gujarati
Dish TV CNBC Bajar Channel Number 893 8CNBC Bajar
Dish TV ABP Asmita Channel Number 894 ABP Asmita

Channels in Dish TV – Marathi Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Zee Marathi Channel Number 869  Zee Marathi
Dish TV Zee Yuva Channel Number 870 Zee Yuva
Dish TV Zee Talkies Channel Number 871 Zee Talkies
Dish TV Zee 24 Taas Channel Number 872 Zee 24 Taas
Dish TV Star Pravah Channel Number 873 Star Pravah
Dish TV ABP Majha Channel Number 874 ABP Majha
Dish TV IBN Lokmat Channel Number 875 IBN Lokmat
Dish TV Colors Marathi Channel Number 876 Colors Marathi
Dish TV Fakt Marathi Channel Number 877 Fakt Marathi
Dish TV DD Sahyadri Channel Number 879 DD Sahyadri
Dish TV Mi Marathi Channel Number 880 Mi Marathi
Dish TV 9X Jhakaas Channel Number 881 9X Jhakaas
Dish TV Jai Maharashtra Channel Number 882 Jai Maharashtra
Dish TV Maiboli Channel Number 883 Maiboli
Dish TV TV9 Marathi Channel Number 884 TV9 Marathi
Dish TV Sangeet Marathi Channel Number 885 Sangeet Marathi
Dish TV Chitrapat Marathi Channel Number 2216 Chitrapat Marathi

Dish TV DTH Channel List – Oriya Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Sarthak TV Channel Number 847 Sarthak TV
Dish TV Colors Oriya Channel Number 848 Colors Oriya
Dish TV O TV Channel Number 849 O TV
Dish TV Tarang Channel Number 850 Tarang
Channel Number Channel Number 851  Alankar TV
Dish TV Zee Kalinga News Channel Number 852 Zee Kalinga News
Dish TV ETV Oriya News Channel Number 853 ETV Oriya News
Dish TV Tarang Music Channel Number 854 Tarang Music
Dish TV Prathana Channel Number 855 85Prathana
Dish TV MBC Channel Number 856 MBC
Dish TV Kanak News Channel Number 857 Kanak News
Dish TV Naxatra News Channel Number 858 Naxatra News
Dish TV Prameya News 7 Channel Number 859 Prameya News 7
Dish TV DD Oriya Channel Number 860 DD Oriya

Dish TV Channel Number List – Bengali Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV DD Bangla Channel Number 828 DD Bangla
Dish TV Jalsha Movies Channel Number 829 Jalsha Movies
Dish TV Zee Bangla Cinema Channel Number 830 Zee Bangla Cinema
Dish TV Kolkata TV Channel Number 831 Kolkata TV
Dish TV Star Jalsha Channel Number 832 Star Jalsha
Dish TV News Time Bangla Channel Number 833 News Time Bangla
Dish TV Dhoom Music Channel Number 834  Dhoom Music
Dish TV 24 Ghanta Channel Number 835 24 Ghanta
Dish TV ABP Ananda Channel Number 836 ABP Ananda
Dish TV Sony Aath Channel Number 838 Sony Aath
Dish TV Sangeet Bangla Channel Number 839 Sangeet Bangla
Dish TV Zee Bangla Channel Number 840 Zee Bangla
Dish TV Aakash Aath Channel Number 841 Aakash Aath
Dish TV Colors Bangla Channel Number 842 Colors Bangla
Dish TV ETV Bangla News Channel Number 843 ETV Bangla News
Dish TV Music Fatafati Channel Number 845 Music Fatafati

Free to air Dish TV Channels – Uttarakhand Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV News State Channel Number 820 News State
Dish TV ETV UP Channel Number 821 8ETV UP
Dish TV National Voice Channel Number 822 National Voice
Dish TV DD UP Channel Number 823 DD UP
Dish TV Samachar Plus Channel Number 824 Samachar Plus

Dish TV Latest Channel List – Rajasthani

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV DD Rajasthan  817  DD Rajasthan
Dish TV Zee Rajasthan News 818 Zee Rajasthan News
Dish TV ETV Rajasthan 819  ETV Rajasthan

Dish TV Set-top-box Channel List – Bhojpuri Channels

 Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Zee Purvaiya Channel Number 810  Zee Purvaiya
Dish TV Kashish News Channel Number 811 8 Kashish News
Dish TV ETV Bihar Channel Number 812  ETV Bihar
Dish TV Bhojpuri Cinema Channel Number 813 Bhojpuri Cinema
Dish TV Big Magic Ganga Channel Number 814 Big Magic Ganga
Dish TV DD Bihar Channel Number 815 DD Bihar
Dish TV Mahua TV Channel Number 816  Mahua TV

Dish TV FTA Channels – Punjabi Channels

 Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV DD Punjabi Channel Number 802   DD Punjabi
Dish TV PTC Chakde Channel Number 803 PTC Chakde
Dish TV STV Haryana News Channel Number 804 STV Haryana News
Dish TV Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Channel Number 805 Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal
Dish TV PTC News Channel Number 806 PTC News
Dish TV PTC Punjabi Channel Number 807 80PTC Punjabi
Dish TV 9X Tashan Channel Number 808 9X Tashan
Dish TV MH 1 Channel Number 809 MH 1
Dish TV Chardikla Time TV Channel Number 1359 Chardikla Time TV

Dish TV List of Channels – Chattisgarh Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Zee MP/Chhattisgarh Channel Number 559  Zee MP/Chhattisgarh
Dish TV  ETV MP Channel Number 794 ETV MP
Dish TV DD MP Channel Number 795 DD MP

Dish TV Updated Channels – North East Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Rengoni TV Channel Number 775 Rengoni TV
Dish TV Ramdhenu Channel Number 776 Ramdhenu
Dish TV DD North East Channel Number 778 DD North East
Dish TV Prag TV Channel Number 779 Prag TV
Dish TV Nepal 1 Channel Number 780 Nepal 1
Dish TV DY 365 Channel Number 781  DY 365
Dish TV Rang TV Channel Number 782  Rang TV
Dish TV Pratidin Time Channel Number 783 Pratidin Time
Dish TV Assam Talks Channel Number 784 Assam Talks
Dish TV News Live Channel Number 785 News Live

DTH Dish TV Channel List – Devotional Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV God TV Channel Number 737  God TV
Dish TV Shalom TV Channel Number 739 Shalom TV
Dish TV Divya Channel Number 751 Divya
Dish TV Devi TV Channel Number 752 Devi TV
Dish TV Katyayani Channel Number 753 Katyayani
Dish TV Ishwar TV Channel Number 754 Ishwar TV
Dish TV Sadhna National Channel Number 756 Sadhna National
Dish TV Disha TV Channel Number 757 Disha TV
Dish TV Vrinda TV Channel Number 758 Vrinda TV
Dish TV Satsang Channel Number 759 Satsang
Dish TV Sanskar Channel Number 760 Sanskar
Dish TV Aastha TV Channel Number 761 Aastha TV
Dish TV Shubh TV Channel Number 762 Shubh TV
Dish TV Paras TV Channel Number 763 Paras TV
Dish TV Navgrah Channel Number 765 Navgrah
Dish TV Aastha Bhajan Channel Number 767 Aastha Bhajan
Dish TV Bhakti TV Channel Number 769 Bhakti TV
Dish TV Sri Sankara Channel Number 907 Sri Sankara
Dish TV SVBC Channel Number 973 SVBC
Dish TV Aaseervatham TV Channel Number 974 Aaseervatham TV
Dish TV Angel TV Channel Number 975 Angel TV

Dish TV Music Channel List

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Zing Channel Number 665 Zing
Dish TV Zee ETC Bollywood Channel Number 666 Zee ETC Bollywood
Dish TV MTV Channel Number 667 MTV
Dish TV B4U Music Channel Number 668 B4U Music
Dish TV MTV Beats Channel Number 669  MTV Beats
Dish TV Sony Mix Channel Number 672 Sony Mix
Dish TV Channel V Channel Number 674  Channel V
Dish TV VH1 Channel Number 673 VH1
Dish TV Music India Channel Number 675  Music India
Dish TV M Tunes Channel Number 676 M Tunes
Dish TV Bindass Play Channel Number 677 Bindass Play
Dish TV Masti Channel Number 680  Masti
Dish TV 9X Jalwa Channel Number 2000 9X Jalwa
Dish TV 9XM Channel Number 2153 9XM

Dish TV Sports Channel List

Channel Name   Channel Number Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Ten 2 Channel Number 650 Ten 2
Dish TV Star Sports 2 Channel Number 652 Star Sports 2
Dish TV Sony ESPN Channel Number 655 Sony ESPN
Dish TV Neo Sports Channel Number 656 Neo Sports
Dish TV Neo Prime Channel Number 657 Neo Prime
Dish TV Ten 3 Channel Number 658 Ten 3
Dish TV Star Sports 3 Channel Number 659 Star Sports 3
Dish TV Ten 1 Channel Number 660 Ten 1
Dish TV Star Sports 4 Channel Number 661 66Star Sports 4
Dish TV Star Sports 1 Channel Number 662 Star Sports 1
Dish TV DD Sports Channel Number 663 DD Sports
Dish TV Sony Six Channel Number 664 Sony Six

Dish TV International News and Entertainment Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV CNN INTL Channel Number 615 CNN INTL
Dish TV BBC World News Channel Number 616 BBC World News
Dish TV  CGTN Channel Number 617 CGTN
Dish TV Al Jazeera Channel Number 618 Al Jazeera
Dish TV France 24 Channel Number 619 France 24
Dish TV Russia Today Channel Number 622 Russia Today

Dish TV Free to Air Channel List – Kids Channels

 Channel Name Channel Number Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Cartoon Network Channel Number 511 Cartoon Network
Dish TV Pogo Channel Number 512 Pogo
Dish TV Sonic Channel Number 513 Sonic
Dish TV Discovery Kids Channel Number 515 Discovery Kids
Dish TV Maha Cartoon TV Channel Number 517 Maha Cartoon TV
Dish TV Nick Channel Number 518 Nick
Dish TV Disney Channel Number 523 Disney Channel
Dish TV Disney XD Channel Number 524 Disney XD
Dish TV Hungama Channel Number 525 Hungama
Dish TV Baby TV Channel Number 528 Baby TV
Dish TV Disney Junior Channel Number 531 Disney Junior
Dish TV Nick Junior Channel Number 532 Nick Junior

List of Dish TV Infotainment Channel

 Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV DD Kisan Channel Number 136 DD Kisan
Dish TV Discovery Channel Number 464 Discovery
Dish TV Animal Planet Channel Number 465 Animal Planet
Dish TV Nat Geo Channel Number 466 Nat Geo
Dish TV Travel XP Channel Number 467 Travel XP
Dish TV Discovery Science Channel Number 468 Discovery Science
Dish TV Discovery Turbo Channel Number 469 Discovery Turbo
Dish TV History TV18 Channel Number 470 History TV18
Dish TV NGC Wild Channel Number 471 NGC Wild
Dish TV FYI TV18 Channel Number 472 FYI TV18
Dish TV Nat Geo People Channel Number 474 Nat Geo People

Dish TV Channels – Movie on Demand

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Dish Box Office 2 Channel Number 249 Dish Box Office 2
Dish TV Movie On Demand 1 Channel Number 250 Movie On Demand 1
Dish TV Movie On Demand 2 Channel Number 251  Movie On Demand 2
Dish TV Movie On Demand Non-Stop Channel Number 254 Movie On Demand Non-Stop

Dish TV Channel List 2017 – Fashion/Lifestyle Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Living Foodz Channel Number 102 Living Foodz
Dish TV Fashion TV Channel Number 459 Fashion TV
Dish TV FOX Life Channel Number 460 FOX Life
Dish TV NDTV Good Times 461 NDTV Good Times
Dish TV Zoom TV Channel Number 462 Zoom TV
Dish TV TLC Channel Number 463 TLC

Dish TV Channels – Shopping Channels

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Gemporia Channel Number 116 Gemporia
Dish TV Naaptol Blue Channel Number 117 Naaptol Blue
Dish TV Home Shop 18 Channel Number 118 Home Shop 18
Dish TV DEN Snapdeal TV Shop Channel Number 119 DEN Snapdeal TV Shop
Dish TV Shop CJ 1 Channel Number 120 Shop CJ 1
Dish TV Naaptol Green Channel Number 206 Naaptol Green
Dish TV Naaptol Blue Channel Number 209 Naaptol Blue
Dish TV Naaptol Green Channel Number 222 Naaptol Green
Dish TV Naaptol Bangla Channel Number 827 Naaptol Bangla
Dish TV Naaptol Marathi Channel Number 878 Naaptol Marathi
Dish TV Naaptol Telugu Channel Number 927 Naaptol Telugu
Dish TV Naaptol Tamil Channel Number 954 Naaptol Tamil
Dish TV Naaptol Blue Channel Number 2101 Naaptol Blue

Dish TV Home Channels List

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Recharge With Ease Channel Number 123 Recharge With Ease
Dish TV Recharge With Ease Channel Number 402 Recharge With Ease
Dish TV Recharge Bonanza Offer Channel Number 678 Recharge Bonanza Offer
Dish TV Zing Home Channel Number 777 Zing Home
Dish TV Dish Buzz Channel Number 999 Dish Buzz
Dish TV Buzz SD 2 Channel Number 1000 Buzz SD 2
Dish TV Recharge Reminder Channel Number 1352 Recharge Reminder

Dish TV Active Services

 Channel Name  Channel number Dish TV Channel List 
 Dish TV Comedy Active Channel Number 103 Comedy Active
 Dish TV Dish Active Channel Number 190 Dish Active
Dish TV Kids Active Channel Number 514 Kids Active
Dish TV Games Active Channel Number 520 Games Active
Dish TV Playin TV Active Channel Number 521 Playin TV Active
Dish TV Music Active Channel Number 671 Music Active
Dish TV Bhakti Active Channel Number 755 Bhakti Active
Dish TV Ibadat Active Channel Number 790 Ibadat Active

List of Dish TV Channels – Radio Channels

Channel Name Channel Number Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV AIR VBS Channel Number 2401 AIR VBS
Dish TV AIR Telugu Channel Number 2402 2AIR Telugu
Dish TV AIR Marathi Channel Number 2403 AIR Marathi
Dish TV AIR Tamil Channel Number 2404 AIR Tamil
Dish TV AIR National Channel Number 2405 AIR National
Dish TV FM Rainbow Kolkata Channel Number 2406 FM Rainbow Kolkata
Dish TV AIR Gujarati Channel Number 2421 AIR Gujarati
Dish TV FM Rainbow Channel Number 2422 FM Rainbow
Dish TV AIR Punjabi Channel Number 2423 AIR Punjabi
Dish TV FM Gold Channel Number 2424 FM Gold
Dish TV Radio Kashmir Channel Number 2425 Radio Kashmir
Dish TV AIR Lucknow Channel Number 2426 AIR Lucknow
Dish TV AIR Kannada Channel Number 2441 AIR Kannada
Dish TV AIR Bangla Channel Number 2442 AIR Bangla
Dish TV AIR Hindi Channel Number 2443 AIR Hindi
Dish TV AIR NE Channel Number 2444 AIR NE
Dish TV AIR Chennai Channel Number 2445 AIR Chennai
Dish TV FM Gold Mumbai Channel Number 2446 FM Gold Mumbai
Dish TV AIR Ragam Channel Number 2461 AIR Ragam
Dish TV FM Rainbow – Bangalore Channel Number 2462 FM Rainbow – Bangalore
Dish TV AIR Urdu Channel Number 2463 AIR Urdu
Dish TV AIR Oriya Channel Number 2464 AIR Oriya
Dish TV AIR Malayalam Channel Number 2465 AIR Malayalam
Dish TV AIR Assamese Channel Number 2466 AIR Assamese
Dish TV AIR Vijayawada Channel Number 2807 AIR Vijayawada
Dish TV AIR Patna Channel Number 2827 AIR Patna
Dish TV AIR Bhopal Channel Number 2828 AIR Bhopal
Dish TV AIR Jaipur Channel Number 2847 AIR Jaipur
Dish TV AIR FM Rainbow Mumbai Channel Number 2848 AIR FM Rainbow Mumbai
Dish TV AIR FM Gold Chennai Channel Number 2467 AIR FM Gold Chennai
Dish TV AIR FM Gold Kolkatta Channel Number 2868 AIR FM Gold Kolkatta

Dish TV Channels – Educational Channels Channel Name Channel Number Dish TV Channel List
1. Dish TV MHRD 1 Channel Number 2001 MHRD 1
2. Dish TV MHRD 2 Channel Number 2002 2MHRD 2
3. Dish TV MHRD 3 Channel Number 003 MHRD 3
4. Dish TV MHRD 4 Channel Number 2004 MHRD 4
5. Dish TV MHRD 5 Channel Number 2005 MHRD 5
6. Dish TV MHRD 6 Channel Number 2006 MHRD 6
7. Dish TV MHRD 7 Channel Number 2007 MHRD 7
8. Dish TV MHRD 8 Channel Number 2008 MHRD 8
9. Dish TV MHRD 9 Channel Number 2009 MHRD 9
10. Dish TV MHRD 10 Channel Number 2010 MHRD 10
11. Dish TV MHRD 11 Channel Number 2011 MHRD 11
12. Dish TV MHRD 12 Channel Number 2012 MHRD 12
13. Dish TV MHRD 13 Channel Number 2013 MHRD 13
14. 15Dish TV MHRD 14 Channel Number 2014 20MHRD 14
15. Dish TV MHRD 15 Channel Number 2015 MHRD 15
16. Dish TV MHRD 16 Channel Number 2016 MHRD 16
17. Dish TV MHRD 17 Channel Number 2017 MHRD 17
18. Dish TV MHRD 18 Channel Number 2018 MHRD 18
19. Dish TV MHRD 19 Channel Number 2019 MHRD 19
20. Dish TV MHRD 20 Channel Number 2020 MHRD 20
21. Dish TV MHRD 21 Channel Number 2021 MHRD 21
22. Dish TV MHRD 22 Channel Number 2022 MHRD 22
23. Dish TV MHRD 23 Channel Number 2023 MHRD 23
24. Dish TV MHRD 24 Channel Number 2024 MHRD 24
25. Dish TV MHRD 25 Channel Number 2025 MHRD 25
26. Dish TV MHRD 26 Channel Number 2026 MHRD 26
27. Dish TV MHRD 27 Channel Number 2027 MHRD 27
28. Dish TV MHRD 28 Channel Number 2028 MHRD 28
29. Dish TV MHRD 29 Channel Number 2029 2MHRD 29
30. Dish TV MHRD 30 Channel Number 2030 MHRD 30
31. Dish TV MHRD 31 Channel Number 2031 MHRD 31
32. Dish TV MHRD 32 Channel Number 2032 MHRD 32
33. Dish TV Digi Shala Channel Number 2036 Digi Shala
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