Dish TV Channels with Price List | Pack wise Dish TV Price List

Do you want to know the Dish TV Price List? Here you can see the Dish TV Channel List along with Price. Know the Latest Channel list and price to subscribe. Read the full article to find out more details about Dish TV price.

 Dish TV Plans

The users who want to know the Dish TV Channels Price can find here without any searching. We are providing the Dish TV Channels along with Price. You can find them in below sections. Dish TV is more popular than all the DTH Connections. It gives you an incredible channels and services to entertain you. So, you can enjoy the high definition picture quality means 5 times better image clarity which is good for your eyes. Recharging your Dish TV from anywhere is easy for you. The users can do their Dish TV Recharge from their mobile also. After your offer completion, you can extend it for 3 days.

If you are shifting your location, you can easily carry your Dish TV. Therefore, you can also see your favorite channels in your comfortable languages. Hence, we are providing the Dish TV Price list along with the channels on this page. For guiding you, we had given the information from the Sun Direct Official Website. So, without any searching, people can find the Dish TV Price list on this page.

Dish TV Price List

The Dish TV Price list and Channel list is given in the below sections. So, the interested people can check them. Before adding any channel to your pack, you have to search for the Dish TV Price and Channel List. After knowing the price details, you can add them to your Dish TV. We are also providing the New Dish TV Packages on our site. The list of the Dish TV Channel Price is as follows.

Dish TV Music Channels

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel Names
Dish TV 9X Bajao* Channel Price 5.00 9X Bajao*
Dish TV 9X Jalwa* Channel Price 4.20 9X Jalwa*
Dish TV 9XM* Channel Price 5.90 9XM*
Dish TV B4U Music* Channel Price 5.00 B4U Music*
Dish TV Channel V Channel Price 1.04 Channel V
Dish TV ETC Bollywood Channel Price 5.00 ETC Bollywood
Dish TV M Tunes Channel Price 5.00 M Tunes
Dish TV Mastiii* Channel Price 5.00 Mastiii*
Dish TV MTV Channel Price 6.30 MTV
Dish TV MTV Beats* Channel Price 5.00 MTV Beats*
Dish TV Music India^ Channel Price 5.00 Music India^
Dish TV Sony Mix* Channel Price 5.00 Sony Mix*
Dish TV VH1 Channel Price 2.70 VH1
Dish TV Zing Channel Price 4.50 Zing

 Sports Channels – Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channels List
Dish TV DD Sports* Channel Price 0.00 DD Sports*
Dish TV Neo Prime Channel Price 29.80 Neo Prime
Dish TV Neo Sports Channel Price 22.30 Neo Sports
Dish TV Sony ESPN Channel Price 36.00 Sony ESPN
Dish TV Sony Six Channel Price 29.40 Sony Six
Dish TV Star Sports 1 Channel Price 29.80 Star Sports 1
Dish TV Star Sports 2 Channel Price 34.00 Star Sports 2
Dish TV Star Sports 3 Channel Price 25.20 Star Sports 3
Dish TV Star Sports 4 Channel Price 29.80 Star Sports 4
Dish TV Ten 1 Channel Price 13.50 Ten 1
Dish TV Ten 2 Channel Price 29.40 Ten 2
Dish TV Ten 3 Channel Price 29.80 Ten 3

Dish TV Price List Kids Channels

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Channel Names
Dish TV Baby TV Channel Price 11.14 Baby TV
Dish TV Cartoon Network Channel Price 11.20 Cartoon Network
Dish TV Discovery Kids Channel Price 11.10 Discovery Kids
Dish TV Disney Channel Price 8.00 Disney
Dish TV Disney Jr.# Channel Price 11.20 Disney Jr.#
Dish TV Disney XD Channel Price 8.00 Disney XD
Dish TV Hungama tv Channel Price 7.00 Hungama tv
Dish TV Nick Jr.+ Channel Price 11.20 Nick Jr.+
Dish TV Nickelodeon Channel Price 5.40 Nickelodeon
Dish TV Pogo Channel Price 11.20 Pogo
Dish TV Sonic Channel Price 10.90 Sonic

English Entertainment Channels – Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV price List Dish TV Channels List
Dish TV AXN Channel Price 13.00 AXN
Dish TV AXN Channel Price 16.64 AXN
Dish TV Comedy Central Channel Price 13.00 Comedy Central
Dish TV FX Channel Price 15.00 FX
Dish TV Star World Channel Price 4.10 Star World
Dish TV Zee Cafe Channel Price 7.20 Zee Cafe

Dish TV Price List – Hindi Entertainment Channels

Dish TV Channel Names Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV & tv Channel Price 10.58 & tv
Dish TV Big Magic* Channel Price 5.00 Big Magic*
Dish TV Bindass Channel Price 9.66 Bindass
Dish TV Colors Channel Price 18.00 Colors
Dish TV DD Bharati* Channel Price 0.00 DD Bharati*
Dish TV +DD India Channel Price 0.00 +DD India
Dish TV DD NATIONAL* Channel Price 0.00 DD NATIONAL*
Dish TV Dillagi* Channel Price 5.00 Dillagi*
Dish TV EPIC Channel Price 21.00 EPIC
Dish TV Investigation Discovery Channel Price 20.66 Investigation Discovery
Dish TV Life OK Channel Price 18.40 Life OK
Dish TV Rishtey TV* Channel Price 5.00 Rishtey TV*
Dish TV Sahara One^ Channel Price 41.00 Sahara One^
Dish TV Sony Channel Price 18.00 Sony
Dish TV Sony Pal* Channel Price 5.00 Sony Pal*
Dish TV Sony Sab Channel Price 12.30 Sony Sab
Dish TV Star Plus Channel Price 15.70 Star Plus
Dish TV Star Utsav* Channel Price 5.00 Star Utsav*
Dish TV Zee Anmol* Channel Price 5.00 Zee Anmol*
Dish TV Zee tv Channel Price 11.70 Zee tv
Dish TV Zindagi Channel Price 21.16 Zindagi

English Movie Channels

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel Names
Dish TV HBO Channel Price 14.00 HBO
Dish TV Movies Now 2 Channel Price 14.84 Movies Now 2
Dish TV Movies Now Channel Price 17.04 Movies Now
Dish TV Romedy Now Channel Price 17.06 Romedy Now
Dish TV Sony pix Channel Price 10.80 Sony pix
Dish TV Star Movies Channel Price 14.80 Star Movies
Dish TV Star Movies Action Channel Price 12.60 Star Movies Action
Dish TV Warner Brother Channel Price 5.50 Warner Brother
Dish TV Zee Studio Channel Price 6.30 Zee Studio

Hindi Movie Channels – Dish TV Price List

Channel List Dish TV Price List Channel Names of Dish TV 
Dish TV & Pictures Channel Price 15.10 & Pictures
Dish TV B4U Movies* Channel Price 5.00 B4U Movies*
Dish TV Cinema TV* Channel Price 5.00 Cinema TV*
Dish TV Enterr10* Channel Price 5.00 Enterr10*
Dish TV Housefull Movies* Channel Price 5.00 Housefull Movies*
Dish TV Maha Movie* Channel Price 5.00 Maha Movie*
Dish TV Manoranjan Movies* Channel Price 5.00 Manoranjan Movies*
Dish TV Manoranjan TV* Channel Price 5.00 Manoranjan TV*
Dish TV Movie House* Channel Price 5.00 Movie House*
Dish TV Movies OK Channel Price 14.30 Movies OK
Dish TV Rishtey Cineplex* Channel Price 5.00 Rishtey Cineplex*
Dish TV RT Movies* Channel Price 5.00 RT Movies*
Dish TV Sony Max Channel Price 15.30 Sony Max
Dish TV Sony Max 2 Channel Price 17.58 Sony Max
Dish TV Sony Wah* Channel Price 5.00 Sony Wah*
Dish TV Star Gold Channel Price 14.80 Star Gold
Dish TV Star Utsav Movies* Channel Price 5.00 Star Utsav Movies*
Dish TV UTV Action Channel Price 9.66 UTV Action
Dish TV UTV Movies Channel Price 14.50 UTV Movies
Dish TV VAA Movies* Channel Price 5.00 VAA Movies*
Dish TV Vision Siksha* Channel Price 5.00 Vision Siksha*
Dish TV WOW Cinema* Channel Price 5.00 WOW Cinema*
Dish TV Zee Action Channel Price 9.00 Zee Action
Dish TV Zee Anmol Cinema* Channel Price 5.00 Zee Anmol Cinema*
Dish TV Zee Cinema Channel Price 11.70 Zee Cinema
Dish TV Zee Classic Channel Price 9.00 Zee Classic

Devotional Channels – Dish TV Price List

Dish TV Channel List Dish TV Price Channel Names
Dish TV Aastha Bhajan* Channel Price 5.00 Aastha Bhajan*
Dish TV Aastha* Channel Price 5.00 Aastha*
Dish TV Devi Channel Price 5.00 Devi
Dish TV Disha TV Channel Price 5.00 Disha TV
Dish TV Divya Channel Price 5.00 Divya
Dish TV Ishwar TV Channel Price 5.00 Ishwar TV
Dish TV Katyayini Channel Price 5.00 Katyayini
Dish TV Navgrah Channel Price 5.00 Navgrah
Dish TV Paras Channel Price 5.00 Paras
Dish TV Peace of Mind Channel Price 5.00 Peace of Mind
Dish TV Sadhna Bhakti* Channel Price 5.00 Sadhna Bhakti*
Dish TV Sanskar TV* Channel Price 5.00 Sanskar TV*
Dish TV Satsang Channel Price 5.00 Satsang
Dish TV Shubh TV Channel Price 5.00 Shubh TV
Dish TV Vrinda TV Channel Price 5.00 Vrinda TV

Infotainment Channels – Dish Tv Price List

Name of the Dish TV Channels Dish Tv Price List Channel Names
Animal Planet 4.50 Animal Planet
DD Kisan* 0.00 DD Kisan*
Discovery 13.50 Discovery
Discovery Science 10.10 Discovery Science
Discovery Turbo 8.40 Discovery Turbo
History TV 18 13.40 History TV 18
National Geographic 5.20 National Geographic
National Geographic Wild 13.40 National Geographic Wild
NGC People 15.46 NGC People

Lifestyle/Fashion Channels – Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Bindass Play Channel Price 13.44 Bindass Play
Dish TV Fashion TV Channel Price 5.00 Fashion TV
Dish TV Fox Life Channel Price 4.00 Fox Life
Dish TV FYI^ Channel Price 13.44 FYI^
Dish TV Gemporia Channel Price 5.00 Gemporia
Dish TV Home Shop 18 Channel Price 5.00 Home Shop 18
Dish TV Living Foodz Channel Price 25.20 Living Foodz
Dish TV Naaptol Blue Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Blue
Dish TV Naaptol Green Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Green
Dish TV NDTV Good Times Channel Price 8.10 NDTV Good Times
Dish TV Shop CJ1 Channel Price 5.00 Shop CJ1
Dish TV Teleshop* Channel Price 5.00 Teleshop*
Dish TV TLC Channel Price 8.10 TLC
Dish TV Travel XP Channel Price 10.00 Travel XP
Dish TV Zoom Channel Price 7.10 Zoom

Dish TV Price List – Hindi News Channels

Channel List Dish TV Price List Name of the Dish TV Channels
Dish TV Aaj Tak* Channel Price 5.00 Aaj Tak*
Dish TV ABP News Channel Price 5.00 ABP News
Dish TV APN News* Channel Price 5.00 APN News*
Dish TV Channel One News Channel Price 5.00 Channel One News
Dish TV DD News* Channel Price 0.00 DD News*
Dish TV DD Rajyasabha* Channel Price 0.00 DD Rajyasabha*
Dish TV India 24×7* Channel Price 5.00 India 24×7*
Dish TV India News* Channel Price 5.00 India News*
Dish TV India TV* Channel Price 5.00 India TV*
Dish TV Loksabha TV* Channel Price 0.00 Loksabha TV*
Dish TV NDTV India Channel Price 6.74 NDTV India
Dish TV News 24* Channel Price 5.00 News 24*
Dish TV News Nation* Channel Price 5.00 News Nation*
Dish TV News18 India* Channel Price 5.00 News18 India*
Dish TV Sadhna Plus Channel Price 5.00 Sadhna Plus
Dish TV Sahara Samay Channel Price 5.00 Sahara Samay
Dish TV Zee News* Channel Price 5.00 Zee News*

English News Channels – Dish TV Price

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channels
Dish TV BBC World News Channel Price 4.50 BBC World News
Dish TV CNN INTL Channel Price 1.30 CNN INTL
Dish TV CNN News 18 Channel Price 4.50 CNN News 18
Dish TV India Today Channel Price 3.44 India Today
Dish TV NDTV 24*7 Channel Price 7.64 NDTV 24*7
Dish TV Times Now Channel Price 7.60 Times Now
Dish TV WION^ Channel Price 7.72 WION^

Dish TV Business News English Channels

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel Names
Dish TV BTVi+ Channel Price 8.50 BTVi+
Dish TV CNBC TV18 Channel Price 7.60 CNBC TV18
Dish TV ET Now Channel Price 7.10 ET Now
Dish TV NDTV Profit/Prime Channel Price 5.40 NDTV Profit/Prime

International Dish TV Channels

Name of the Dish TV Channels Dish TV Price Channel List
Dish TV Al-Jazeera Channel Price 5.00 Al-Jazeera
Dish TV CCTV News Channel Price 5.00 CCTV News
Dish TV France 24^ Channel Price 5.00 France 24^
Dish TV Russia Today* Channel Price 5.00 Russia Today*

Haryana/ Punjabi Channels – Dish TV Price

Channel List Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV 9X Tashan Channel Price 4.40 9X Tashan
Dish TV Chardikla Time TV* Channel Price 5.00 Chardikla Time TV*
Dish TV DD Punjabi* Channel Price 0.00 DD Punjabi*
Dish TV MH1 Channel Price 5.00 MH1
Dish TV PTC Chakde Channel Price 5.00 PTC Chakde
Dish TV PTC News Channel Price 5.00 PTC News
Dish TV PTC Punjabi Channel Price 5.00 PTC Punjabi
Dish TV STV Haryana News Channel Price 5.00 STV Haryana News
Dish TV Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Channel Price 1.30 Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal

Urdu Channels – Dish TV Price List

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price Channel Names
Dish TV Aalami Samay Channel Price 5.00 Aalami Samay
Dish TV DD Urdu* Channel Price 0.00 DD Urdu*
Dish TV ETV Urdu Channel Price 10.74 ETV Urdu
Dish TV Zee Salaam Channel Price 12.60 Zee Salaam

Gujarati Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
ABP Ashmita 5.00 ABP Ashmita
CNBC Bajar 8.00 CNBC Bajar
Colors Gujrati 10.74 Colors Gujrati
DD Girnar* 0.00 DD Girnar*
ETV Gujarati News 7.72 ETV Gujarati News
TV9 Gujrati 5.00 TV9 Gujrati

Marathi Channels Price

Dish TV Channels List Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV 9X Jhakaas Channel Price 4.20 9X Jhakaas
Dish TV ABP Majha Channel Price 7.70 ABP Majha
Dish TV Chitrapat Marathi* Channel Price 5.00 Chitrapat Marathi*
Dish TV Colors Marathi Channel Price 10.74 Colors Marathi
Dish TV DD Sahyadri(Marathi)* Channel Price 0.00 DD Sahyadri(Marathi)*
Dish TV Fakt Marathi* Channel Price 5.00 Fakt Marathi*
Dish TV IBN Lokmat Channel Price 6.60 IBN Lokmat
Dish TV Jai Maharashtra^ Channel Price 5.00 Jai Maharashtra^
Dish TV Maiboli Channel Price 5.00 Maiboli
Dish TV Mi Marathi Channel Price 5.00 Mi Marathi
Dish TV Naaptol Marathi Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Marathi
Dish TV Sangeet Marathi Channel Price 5.00 Sangeet Marathi
Dish TV Star Pravah Channel Price 10.10 Star Pravah
Dish TV TV9 Maharashtra Channel Price 5.00 TV9 Maharashtra
Dish TV Zee 24 Taas Channel Price 7.60 Zee 24 Taas
Dish TV Zee Marathi Channel Price 7.20 Zee Marathi
Dish TV Zee Talkies Channel Price 13.90 Zee Talkies
Dish TV ZeeYuva Channel Price 10.80 ZeeYuva

Bangla Channels – Dish TV

Dish TV Channels List Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV 24 Ghanta Tv Channel Price 5.40 24 Ghanta Tv
Dish TV Aakaash (Bangla) Channel Price 5.00 Aakaash (Bangla)
Dish TV ABP Ananda Channel Price 5.00 ABP Ananda
Dish TV Colors Bangla Channel Price 10.74 Colors Bangla
Dish TV DD Bangla* Channel Price 0.00 DD Bangla*
Dish TV Dhoom Music Channel Price 5.00 Dhoom Music
Dish TV ETV News Bangla Channel Price 7.66 ETV News Bangla
Dish TV Jalsha Movies Channel Price 5.00 Jalsha Movies
Dish TV Kolkata TV Channel Price 5.00 Kolkata TV
Dish TV Music Fatafati Channel Price 5.00 Music Fatafati
Dish TV Naaptol Bangla Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Bangla
Dish TV News Time Bangla Channel Price 5.00 News Time Bangla
Dish TV Sangeet Bangla Channel Price 5.00 Sangeet Bangla
Dish TV Sony Aath Channel Price 8.40 Sony Aath
Dish TV Star Jalsha Channel Price 10.10 Star Jalsha
Dish TV Zee Bangla Channel Price 7.30 Zee Bangla
Dish TV Zee Bangla Cinema Channel Price 10.00 Zee Bangla Cinema

Oriya Dish Tv Channel Price List

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel List
Dish TV Alankar^ Channel Price 10.80 Alankar^
Dish TV Colors Oriya Channel Price 10.74 Colors Oriya
Dish TV DD Oriya* Channel Price 0.00 DD Oriya*
Dish TV ETV Oriya News^ Channel Price 7.64 ETV Oriya News^
Dish TV Kanak News Channel Price 5.00 Kanak News
Dish TV MBC TV Channel Price 5.00 MBC TV
Dish TV Nakshatara News Channel Price 5.00 Nakshatara News
Dish TV OTV Channel Price 5.00 OTV
Dish TV Prameya News 7 Channel Price 5.00 Prameya News 7
Dish TV Prarthana tv Channel Price 4.20 Prarthana tv
Dish TV Sarthak TV Channel Price 8.00 Sarthak TV
Dish TV Tarang Channel Price 8.98 Tarang
Dish TV Tarang Music Channel Price 4.20 Tarang Music
Dish TV Zee Kalinga News Channel Price 5.00 Zee Kalinga News

Dish TV Other Regional Channels Price

Channel List Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV Bhojpuri Cinema* Channel Price 5.00 Bhojpuri Cinema*
Dish TV Big Ganga* Channel Price 5.00 Big Ganga*
Dish TV Dabang TV* Channel Price 5.00 Dabang TV*
Dish TV Dangal TV* Channel Price 5.00 Dangal TV*
Dish TV DD Bihar* Channel Price 0.00 DD Bihar*
Dish TV DD Kashir* Channel Price 0.00 DD Kashir*
Dish TV DD MP* Channel Price 0.00 DD MP*
Dish TV DD Rajasthan* Channel Price 0.00 DD Rajasthan*
Dish TV DD UP* Channel Price 0.00 DD UP*
Dish TV ETV Bihar/Jharkhand Channel Price 10.74 ETV Bihar/Jharkhand
Dish TV ETV MP/ Chattisgarh Channel Price 10.74 ETV MP/ Chattisgarh
Dish TV ETV Rajasthan Channel Price 10.74 ETV Rajasthan
Dish TV ETV UP/ Uttrakhand Channel Price 10.74 ETV UP/ Uttrakhand
Dish TV Kashish News Channel Price 5.00 Kashish News
Dish TV Mahuaa TV Channel Price 5.00 Mahuaa TV
Dish TV National Voice^ Channel Price 5.00 National Voice^
Dish TV News State* Channel Price 5.00 News State*
Dish TV Samachar Plus^ Channel Price 5.00 Samachar Plus^
Dish TV Zee MP Chhattisgarh Channel Price 7.60 Zee MP Chhattisgarh
Dish TV Zee Purvaiya Channel Price 5.00 Zee Purvaiya
Dish TV Zee Rajasthan News Channel Price 9.20 Zee Rajasthan News

North East Dish TV Channels Price

Channels List Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channels List
Dish TV Assam Talk Channel Price 5.00 Assam Talk
Dish TV DD North East* Channel Price 0.00 DD North East*
Dish TV DY365 Channel Price 5.00 DY365
Dish TV Nepal One Channel Price 5.00 Nepal One
Dish TV News Live Channel Price 5.00 News Live
Dish TV Prag TV Channel Price 5.00 Prag TV
Dish TV Protidin Time Channel Price 5.00 Protidin Time
Dish TV Ramdhenu^ Channel Price 5.00 Ramdhenu^
Dish TV Rang Channel Price 5.00 Rang
Dish TV Rengoni Channel Price 5.00 Rengoni

Tamil Channels Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV Adithya TV Channel Price 15.30 Adithya TV
Dish TV Angel TV Channel Price 5.00 Angel TV
Dish TV Captain Tv Channel Price 5.00 Captain Tv
Chithiram Channel Price 5.00 Chithiram
Chutti Tv Channel Price 11.20 Chutti Tv
DD Podhigai* Channel Price 0.00 DD Podhigai*
Dish TV Discovery Tamil Channel Price 13.50 Discovery Tamil
Dish TV Isaiyaruvi Channel Price 5.00 Isaiyaruvi
Dish TV Jaya Max Channel Price 5.00 Jaya Max
Dish TV JAYA PLUS Channel Price 3.36 JAYA PLUS
Dish TV Jaya TV Channel Price 7.56 Jaya TV
Dish TV K TV Channel Price 13.50 K TV
Dish TV Kalaignar Channel Price 5.00 Kalaignar
Dish TV Makkal Channel Price 5.00 Makkal
Dish TV Mega TV Channel Price 10.00 Mega TV
Dish TV Murasu TV Channel Price 5.00 Murasu TV
Dish TV Naaptol Tamil Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Tamil
Dish TV News 7 Tamil^ Channel Price 5.00 News 7 Tamil^
Dish TV Polimer TV Channel Price 5.00 Polimer TV
Dish TV Pudhu Yugam^ Channel Price 5.00 Pudhu Yugam^
Dish TV Raj Digital# Channel Price 7.46 Raj Digital#
Dish TV RAJ TV Channel Price 10.62 RAJ TV
Dish TV Seithigal Channel Price 5.00 Seithigal
Dish TV Siripolli Channel Price 5.00 Siripolli
Dish TV Sri Sankara Channel Price 5.00 Sri Sankara
Dish TV Star Vijay Channel Price 3.60 Star Vijay
Dish TV Sun Music Channel Price 6.30 Sun Music
Dish TV Sun News Channel Price 1.30 Sun News
Dish TV Sun TV Channel Price 11.10 Sun TV
Dish TV Thanthi TV Channel Price 5.00 Thanthi TV
Dish TV Vasanth TV Channel Price 5.00 Vasanth TV
Dish TV Zee Tamil Channel Price 5.00 Zee Tamil

Dish TV Price List – Telugu Channels

Name of the Channels Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channels List
Dish TV 10TV Telugu News Channel Price 5.00 10TV Telugu News
Dish TV ABN Andhara Jyothy Channel Price 5.00 ABN Andhara Jyothy
Dish TV BHAKTI TV Channel Price 5.00 BHAKTI TV
Dish TV DD Saptagiri* Channel Price 0.00 DD Saptagiri*
Dish TV DD Yadagiri* Channel Price 5.00 DD Yadagiri*
Dish TV ETV Andhra Pradesh Channel Price 5.80 ETV Andhra Pradesh
Dish TV ETV Cinema Channel Price 15.54 ETV Cinema
Dish TV ETV Plus Channel Price 9.34 ETV Plus
Dish TV ETV Telangana Channel Price 6.00 ETV Telangana
Dish TV ETV Telugu Channel Price 10.32 ETV Telugu
Dish TV Gemini Comedy Channel Price 4.80 Gemini Comedy
Dish TV Gemini Movies Channel Price 15.30 Gemini Movies
Dish TV Gemini Music Channel Price 6.30 Gemini Music
Dish TV Gemini News Channel Price 6.70 Gemini News
Dish TV Gemini TV Channel Price 9.30 Gemini TV
Dish TV Maa Gold Channel Price 9.20 Maa Gold
Dish TV Maa Movies Channel Price 15.50 Maa Movies
Dish TV Maa Music Channel Price 6.30 Maa Music
Dish TV Maa TV Channel Price 5.00 Maa TV
Dish TV Naaptol Telugu Channel Price 5.00 Naaptol Telugu
Dish TV NTV News Channel Price 5.00 NTV News
Dish TV Sakshi TV Channel Price 5.00 Sakshi TV
Dish TV Subhavaartha TV Channel Price 5.00 Subhavaartha TV
Dish TV SVBC Channel Price 5.00 SVBC
Dish TV T News Channel Price 5.00 T News
Dish TV TV5 Telugu News Channel Price 5.00 TV5 Telugu News
Dish TV Tv9 Telugu News Channel Price 5.00 TV5 Telugu News
Dish TV V6 News Channel Price 5.00 V6 News
Dish TV Zee Cinemalu^ Channel Price 15.28 Zee Cinemalu^
Dish TV Zee Telugu Channel Price 9.30 Zee Telugu

Malayalam Channels  – Dish TV Price List

Dish TV Channel List Dish TV Price List Name of the Channels
Dish TV Amrita TV Channel Price 5.00 Amrita TV
Dish TV Asianet Channel Price 10.50 Asianet
Dish TV Asianet News Channel Price 5.00 Asianet News
Dish TV Asianet Plus Channel Price 5.90 Asianet Plus
Dish TV DD MALAYALAM* Channel Price 0.00 DD MALAYALAM*
Dish TV Flowers TV Channel Price 5.00 Flowers TV
Dish TV GOD TV Channel Price 5.00 GOD TV
Dish TV Goodness TV^ Channel Price 5.00 Goodness TV^
Dish TV Janam TV^ Channel Price 5.00 Janam TV^
Dish TV Jeevan^ Channel Price 5.00 Jeevan^
Dish TV Kairali Channel Price 5.00 Kairali
Dish TV Kamudy TV^ Channel Price 5.00 Kamudy TV^
Dish TV Kappa TV^ Channel Price 5.00 Kappa TV^
Dish TV Kiran TV Channel Price 15.30 Kiran TV
Dish TV Kochu TV Channel Price 12.92 Kochu TV
Dish TV Manorama News Channel Price 5.00 Manorama News
Dish TV Matrubhumi News Channel Price 5.00 Manorama News
Dish TV Mazhavil Manorama Channel Price 5.00 Mazhavil Manorama
Dish TV Media One Channel Price 5.00 Media One
Dish TV People^ Channel Price 5.00 People^
Dish TV Reporter TV^ Channel Price 5.00 Reporter TV^
Dish TV Safari^ Channel Price 5.00 Safari^
Dish TV Shalom Channel Price 5.00 Shalom
Dish TV Surya TV Channel Price 10.30 Surya TV
Dish TV We Channel Price 5.00 We

Kannada Channels Dish TV Price List

Channel Names Dish TV Price List Dish TV Channel list
Dish TV Colors Kannada Channel Price 10.74 Colors Kannada
Dish TV Colors Super^ Channel Price 13.44 Colors Super^
Dish TV DD9 Chandana (Kannada)* Channel Price 0.00 DD9 Chandana (Kannada)*
Dish TV ETV News Kannada^ Channel Price 7.66 ETV News Kannada^
Dish TV Kasturi Channel Price 5.00 Kasturi
Dish TV Public TV Channel Price 5.00 Public TV
Dish TV Raj Musix Kannada^ Channel Price 5.32 Raj Musix Kannada^
Dish TV Star Suvarna Channel Price 10.10 Star Suvarna
Dish TV Star Suvarna Plus Channel Price 5.00 Star Suvarna Plus
Dish TV Suvarna News 24×7 Channel Price 5.00 Suvarna News 24×7
Dish TV TV9 Karnataka Channel Price 5.00 TV9 Karnataka
Dish TV Udaya comedy Channel Price 13.50 TV9 Karnataka
Dish TV Udaya Movies Channel Price 12.90 Udaya Movies
Dish TV UDAYA music Channel Price 6.30 UDAYA music
Dish TV Udaya News Channel Price 6.60 Udaya News
Dish TV Udaya TV Channel Price 10.30 Udaya TV
Dish TV Zee Kannada Channel Price 6.70 Zee Kannada

Business News Hindi Channels – Dish TV Price List

Channels List  Dish TV Price List Channel Names
Dish TV CNBC Awaaz Channel Price 4.00 CNBC Awaaz
Dish TV Zee BusinessChannel Price 4.30 Zee Business

Dish TV Channel List

The users can see the different kinds of Category channels price list in the above tabular columns. Therefore, the people who want to subscribe any channel from the above Dish TV Price List can add them. You have to send an SMS from your register mobile for adding the channels. The users can also call to the Dish TV Customer Care Number for any enquiries. We are providing the information from the official website. So, you can frequently check the latest updates on our site. For furthermore details about Dish TV Channels List, Dish TV Packages, Dish TV Recharge Process visit our site If you want, you can also check the official website.

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