Indian Music Channels List | DTH Music Channels with Channel Numbers

The people who are fond of Music Channels in India can see the list of channels here. You can find all languages music channels on this page. Listen to your favorite songs on Indian Music Channels. The music lovers can see all the DTH Music Channels at one place. Read the full article to know the top music channels and their numbers.

Music Channels in India

Music is a form of ART. It mainly depends on pitch, loudness, timing and tone quality. Many people like listening music. For some people, listening to music is a Hobby. The people who are searching for music channels can see all the music channels on this article. So, without any searching people can know the all languages music channels along with channel numbers on this page. We are providing all dish tv’s music channels in the below sessions.

India Music Channels List

The list of all DTH Music Channels is given in below sections. So, the interested individuals who have a hobby of listening music can check the below tabular columns. Therefore, we are providing the channel numbers also.

The music lovers can find all the music channels list on this page. Therefore, we are providing all DTH Music Channels In India along with channel numbers in the below sections. So, you can see all the music channels list in the below tabular columns.

Airtel Music Channels in India

Channel Name Channel No Airtel DTH Channel List
Airtel MTV Beats Channel number 482 MTV Beats
Airtel RAJ Digital Plus Channel number 489 RAJ Digital Plus
Airtel MUSICINDIA Channel number 499 MUSICINDIA
Airtel Sangeet Marathi Channel number 545 Sangeet Marathi
Airtel Sangeet Bhojpuri Channel number 667 Sangeet Bhojpuri
Airtel Bindass Play Channel number 495 Bindass Play
Airtel 9X M Channel number 484 9X M
Airtel B4U MUSIC Channel number 486 B4U MUSIC
Airtel E-24 Channel number 490 E-24
Airtel GEMINI MUSIC Channel number 930 GEMINI MUSIC
Airtel Mastii Channel number 488 Mastii
Airtel ISAIARUVI Channel number 805 ISAIARUVI
Airtel JAYA MAX Channel number 811 JAYA MAX
Airtel Maa Music Channel number 932 Maa Music
Airtel MH1 Channel number 566 MH1
Airtel MTV Channel number 480 MTV
Airtel PTC Chakde Channel number 568 PTC Chakde
Airtel Sangeet Bangla Channel number 736 Sangeet Bangla
Airtel Sony Mix Channel number 491 Sony Mix
Airtel Sun Music Channel number 809 Sun Music
Airtel TARANG MUSIC Channel number 614 TARANG MUSIC
Airtel Udaya Music Channel number 990 Udaya Music
Airtel VH1 Channel number 507 VH1
Airtel ZOOM Channel number 496 ZOOM
Airtel Murasu Channel number 808 Murasu
Airtel 9X Jalwa Channel number 492 9X Jalwa
Airtel 9X Jhakaas Channel number 544 9X Jhakaas
Airtel 9XO Channel number 509 9XO
Airtel Dhoom Music Channel number 735 Dhoom Music
Airtel Kappa TV Channel number 864 Kappa TV
Airtel Ramdhenu Channel number 627 Ramdhenu
Airtel Raj Musix Kannada Channel number 991 Raj Musix Kannada
Airtel Sun Music HD Channel number 810 Sun Music HD
Airtel Surya Music Channel number 863 Surya Music
Airtel Music F Fatafati Channel number 734 Music F Fatafati

Tata Sky Music Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number Tata Sky Channel List
Tata Sky MTV Channel Number 807 MTV
Tata Sky 9XM Channel Number 809 9XM
Tata Sky Zoom Channel Number 811 Zoom
Tata Sky E24 Channel Number 813 E24
Tata Sky BINDASS Play Channel Number 814 BINDASS Play
Tata Sky SONY MIX Channel Number 816 SONY MIX
Tata Sky M Tunes HD Channel Number 818 M Tunes HD
Tata Sky M Tunes Channel Number 819 M Tunes
Tata Sky MTV Indies HD Channel Number 820 MTV Indies HD
Tata Sky MTV Indies Channel Number 821 MTV Indies
Tata Sky B4U Music Channel Number 822 B4U Music
Tata Sky Z ETC Bollywood Channel Number 824 Z ETC Bollywood
Tata Sky Mastiii Channel Number 825 Mastiii
Tata Sky Zing Channel Number 826 Zing
Tata Sky Insync Channel Number 828 Insync
Tata Sky Music India Channel Number 829 Music India
Tata Sky 9X Jalwa Channel Number 830 9X Jalwa
Tata Sky Gemini Music Channel Number 1415 Gemini Music
Tata Sky Maa Music Channel Number 1431 Maa Music
Tata Sky Udaya Music Channel Number 1614 Udaya Music
Tata Sky Public Music Channel Number 1639 Public Music
Tata Sky Sangeet Marathi Channel Number 1228 Sangeet Marathi
Tata Sky 9X Jhakaas Channel Number 1220 9X Jhakaas
Tata Sky SUN Music HD Channel Number 1511 SUN Music HD
Tata Sky SUN Music Channel Number 1512 SUN Music
Tata Sky Raj Music Channel Number 1554 Raj Music
Tata Sky Sangeet Bangla Channel Number 1321 Sangeet Bangla
Tata Sky Dhoom Music Channel Number 1331 Dhoom Music
Tata Sky Music Fatafati Channel Number 1330 Music Fatafati
Tata Sky Surya Music Channel Number 1836 Surya Music
Tata Sky Tarang Music Channel Number 1759 Tarang Music
Tata Sky VH1 HD Channel Number 855 VH1 HD
Tata Sky VH1 Channel Number 856 VH1
Tata Sky 9XO Channel Number 857 9XO
Tata Sky Nat Geo Music HD Channel Number 858 Nat Geo Music HD
Tata Sky Nat Geo Music Channel Number 859 Nat Geo Music
Tata Sky Active Music Channel Number 815 Active Music

Sun Direct Music Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number Sun Direct Channel List
 Sun Direct Zoom Tv Channel Number 324  Zoom Tv
 Sun Direct Channel V Channel Number 328  Channel V
 Sun Direct VH1 (English) Channel Number 602  VH1 (English)
 Sun Direct MTV India Channel Number 604  MTV India
 Sun Direct 9XM Channel Number 608  9XM
Sun Direct Sun Music HD Channel Number 962 Sun Music HD
Sun Direct Gemini Music Channel Number 154 Gemini Music
Sun Direct Maa Music Channel Number 172 Maa Music
Sun Direct Sun Music Channel Number 104 Sun Music
Sun Direct  Isaiaruvi Channel Number 123  Isaiaruvi
Sun Direct Jaya Max Channel Number 127 Jaya Max
Sun Direct Surya Music Channel Number 203 Surya Music
Sun Direct Udaya Music Channel Number 254 Udaya Music
Sun Direct Sangeet Bangla Channel Number 627 Sangeet Bangla
Sun Direct MH1 Music Channel Number 606 MH1 Music

Reliance Digital TV Music Channels in India

 Channel Name Channel Number  Reliance Digital TV Channel List 
Reliance MTV India Channel Number 585 MTV India
Reliance VH1 India Channel Number 587 5 VH1 India
Reliance Music India Channel Number 88 Music India
Reliance 9XM Channel Number 589 9XM
Reliance Sony Mix Channel Number 591 Sony Mix
Reliance Channel V Channel Number 592 Channel V
Reliance Zoom TV Channel Number 593 Zoom TV
Reliance MTunes HD Channel Number 597 M Tunes HD
Reliance MTV Beats HD Channel Number 598 MTV Beats HD
Reliance Maa Music Channel Number 728 Maa Music
Reliance Gemini Music Channel Number 729 Gemini Music
Reliance Sun Music Channel Number 668 Sun Music
Reliance Murasu Channel Number 669 Murasu
Reliance Jaya Max Channel Number 677 Jaya Max
Reliance Kappa TV Channel Number 782 Kappa TV
Reliance Udaya Music Channel Number 829 Udaya Music
Reliance Raj Music Kannada Channel Number 832 Raj Music Kannada
Reliance Tarang Music Channel Number 854 Tarang Music
Reliance Sangeet Bangla  Channel Number 928 Sangeet Bangla
Reliance MH 1 Channel Number 954 MH 1

Dish TV Music Channels in India

Channel Name  Channel Number  Dish TV Channel List 
Dish TV Zing Channel Number 665 Zing
Dish TV Zee ETC Bollywood Channel Number 666 Zee ETC Bollywood
Dish TV MTV Channel Number 667 MTV
Dish TV B4U Music Channel Number 668 B4U Music
Dish TV MTV Beats Channel Number 669  MTV Beats
Dish TV Sony Mix Channel Number 672 Sony Mix
Dish TV Channel V Channel Number 674  Channel V
Dish TV VH1 Channel Number 673 VH1
Dish TV Music India Channel Number 675  Music India
Dish TV M Tunes Channel Number 676 M Tunes
Dish TV Bindass Play Channel Number 677 Bindass Play
Dish TV Masti Channel Number 680  Masti
Dish TV 9X Jalwa Channel Number 2000 9X Jalwa
Dish TV 9XM Channel Number 2153 9XM
Dish TV MTV Beats HD Channel Number 67 MTV Beats HD
Dish TV NGC Music HD Channel Number 8 NGC Music HD
Dish TV M Tunes HD Channel Number 69 M Tunes HD
Dish TV Sun Music HD Channel Number 92 Sun Music HD
Dish TV Gemini Music Channel Number 924 Gemini Music
Dish TV Maa Music Channel Number 932 Maa Music
Dish TV Kappa TV Channel Number 735 Kappa TV
Dish TV Sun Music Channel Number 953 Sun Music
Dish TV Jaya Max Channel Number 955 Jaya Max
Dish TV Raj Digital Plus Channel Number 959 Raj Digital Plus
Dish TV Murasu TV Channel Number 976 Murasu TV
Dish TV Udaya Music Channel Number 906 Udaya Music
Dish TV Sangeet Marathi Channel Number 885 Sangeet Marathi
 Dish TV Tarang Music Channel Number  854  Tarang Music
Dish TV Dhoom Music Channel Number 834  Dhoom Music
Dish TV Sangeet Bangla Channel Number 839 Sangeet Bangla
Dish TV Music Fatafati Channel Number 845 Music Fatafati
Dish TV MH 1 Channel Number 809 MH 1
Dish TV Ramdhenu Channel Number 776 Ramdhenu

 Videocon d2h Music Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number Videocon d2h Channel List
Videocon d2h M TV Channel Number  521  M TV
Videocon d2h B4U Music Channel Number 522 B4U Music
Videocon d2h 9X M Channel Number 523 9X M
Videocon d2h M TV Indies Channel Number 524 M TV Indies
Videocon d2h M Tunes Channel Number 525 M Tunes
Videocon d2h Zing Channel Number 527 Zing
Videocon d2h  9X Jalwa Channel Number 528  9X Jalwa
Videocon d2h Mastiii Channel Number 530 Mastiii
Videocon d2h Music India Channel Number 531 Music India
Videocon d2h Sony Mix Channel Number 532 Sony Mix
Videocon d2h b PLAY Channel Number 535 b PLAY
Videocon d2h Zoom Channel Number 536 Zoom
Videocon d2h E24 Channel Number 537 E24
Videocon d2h Zee ETC Bollywood Channel Number 538 Zee ETC Bollywood
Videocon d2h Vh1 Channel Number  539 Vh1
Videocon d2h 9X O Channel Number 540 9X O
Videocon d2h M Tunes HD Channel Number 968 M Tunes HD
Videocon d2h Sun Music HD Channel Number 983 Sun Music HD
Videocon d2h Gemini Music Channel Number 721 Gemini Music
Videocon d2h Maa Music Channel Number 723 Maa Music
Videocon d2h Murasu Channel Number 570 Murasu
Videocon d2h Raj Digital Plus Channel Number 579 Raj Digital Plus
Videocon d2h Sun Music Channel Number 581 Sun Music
Videocon d2h Jaya Max Channel Number 585 Jaya Max
Videocon d2h Surya Music Channel Number 627 Surya Music
Videocon d2h Kappa TV Channel Number 629 Kappa TV
Videocon d2h  Udaya Music Channel Number 671  Udaya Music
Videocon d2h Raj Musix Kannada Channel Number 673 Raj Musix Kannada
Videocon d2h Sangeet Marathi Channel Number 759 Sangeet Marathi
Videocon d2h MH1 Music/Shraddha Channel Number 775 MH1 Music/Shraddha
Videocon d2h Dhoom Music Channel Number 816 Dhoom Music
Videocon d2h Sangeet Bangla Channel Number 817 Sangeet Bangla
Videocon d2h Tarang Music Channel Number 831 Tarang Music
Videocon d2h ramdhenu Channel Number 845 ramdhenu
Videocon d2h Sangeet Bhojpuri Channel Number 863 Sangeet Bhojpuri
Videocon d2h music Channel Number 519 d2h music

DD Free Dish Music Channels in India

Channel Names Frequency Range DD Free Dish Channel List
DD Free Dish 9XM Channel Number:51 11510 MHZ 9XM
DD Free Dish Masti Channel Number:56 11510 MHZ Masti
DD Free Dish B-4U Music Channel Number:57 11510 MHZ B-4U Music
DD Free Dish MTV Beats Channel Number:78 11550 MHZ MTV Beats

ABS Free Dish Music Channels in India

Channel Name Frequency Range ABS Free Dish Channel List
ABS Free Dish Public Music Channel Number:8 11734H Public Music
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Marathi Channel Number:22 11790H Sangeet Marathi
ABS Free Dish Music India Channel Number:30 11790H Music India
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Bhojpuri Channel Number:33 11790H Sangeet Bhojpuri
ABS Free Dish Manoranjan Music Channel Number:34 11790H Manoranjan Music
ABS Free Dish Music Fatafati Channel Number:35 11790H Music Fatafati
ABS Free Dish Dhoom Music Channel Number:36 11790H Dhoom Music
ABS Free Dish Sangeet Bangla Channel Number:40 11790H Sangeet Bangla
ABS Free Dish 9XM Channel Number:65 12227H 9XM
ABS Free Dish M Tunes Channel Number:73 12227H M Tunes
ABS Free Dish 9X Jalwa Channel Number:68 12227H 9X Jalwa
ABS Free Dish 9XO Channel Number:88 12227H 9XO
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