Updated News Channel List – DTH News Channels with Channel Numbers

You can know the total available News Channels in India from this page. But Dish TV’s will provide Services only to some channels. So, Check all Dish TV News Channel List from here. We have listed Separate DTH TV news Channels in India. Get news Channels list along with latest Channel Numbers. Also, Know different languages News Channel List from below sections of this page.

News Channels in India

News Channels provides information about current events. Mainly the news channels provide all types of information regarding politics, education, health, government, environment. So, by watching different news Channels, you can be able to know the news in various states. Also, you can improve your language skills by watching English News Channels, and also you can know the weather report in different states.

There are different languages News Channels in India available here. Also, from here you can know the Different Dish TV news channels list. So, you can select the best DTH news channels in India and make a package such that you can enjoy watching them. Thus, for more information regarding different DTH TV Channel list then you can visit our site www.channellist.in

List of Airtel News Channel List

Channel Name Channel No News Channels in India
Airtel BLOOMBERG TV Channel number 383 BLOOMBERG TV
Airtel WION Channel number 386 WION
Airtel Magic Bricks Now Channel number 385 Magic Bricks Now
Airtel CNBC AWAAZ Channel number 329 CNBC AWAAZ
Airtel CNBC TV18 Channel number 379 CNBC TV18
Airtel NDTV PROFIT Channel number 382 NDTV PROFIT
Airtel BTVi Channel number 384 BTVi
Airtel ZEE BUSINESS Channel number 331 ZEE BUSINESS
Airtel ET NOW Channel number 381 ET NOW
Airtel DD News Channel number 345 DD News
Airtel Zee Rajasthan News Channel number 336 Zee Rajasthan News
Airtel Zee Kalinga News Channel number 608 Zee Kalinga News
Airtel ETV News Oriya Channel number 603 ETV News Oriya
Airtel News Time Bangla Channel number 727 News Time Bangla
Airtel intel BTV News Channel number 980 intel BTV News
Airtel T News Channel number 914 T News
Airtel Mathrubhumi News Channel number 853 Mathrubhumi News
Airtel IBC 24 Channel number 342 IBC 24
Airtel APN News Channel number 328 APN News
Airtel PEOPLE Channel number 854 PEOPLE
Airtel Protidin Time (News Time Assam) Channel number 639 Protidin Time (News Time Assam)
Airtel ZEE SANGAM (India 24*7) Channel number 339 ZEE SANGAM (India 24*7)
Airtel News 7 Tamil Channel number 783 News 7 Tamil
Airtel NHK WORLD Channel number 398 NHK WORLD
Airtel National Voice Channel number 340 National Voice
Airtel MALAI MURASU Channel number 791 MALAI MURASU
Airtel PRIME NEWS Channel number 325 PRIME NEWS
Airtel Samachar Plus Channel number 338 Samachar Plus
Airtel Kanak News Channel number 604 Kanak News
Airtel Sudarshan News Channel number 327 Sudarshan News
Airtel News World India Channel number 324 News World India
Airtel Prameya News Channel number 610 Prameya News
Airtel Polimer News Channel number 787 Polimer News
Airtel Gemini News Channel number 919 Gemini News
Airtel Sandesh News Channel number 586 Sandesh News
Airtel Kalinga TV Channel number 605 Kalinga TV
Airtel Assam Talks Channel number 640 Assam Talks
Airtel 24 GHANTA Channel number 723 24 GHANTA
Airtel AAJ TAK Channel number 313 AAJ TAK
Airtel ASIANET NEWS Channel number 852 ASIANET NEWS
Airtel BBC WORLD NEWS Channel number 391 BBC WORLD NEWS
Airtel CNN Channel number 393 CNN
Airtel CNN News 18 Channel number 371 CNN News 18
Airtel DY365 Channel number 643 DY365
Airtel India Today Channel number 372 India Today
Airtel News18 India Channel number 257 News18 India
Airtel IBN LOKMAT Channel number 537 IBN LOKMAT
Airtel INDIA TV Channel number 315 INDIA TV
Airtel Manorama News Channel number 851 Manorama News
Airtel NDTV 24×7 Channel number 369 NDTV 24×7
Airtel NDTV India Channel number 317 NDTV India
Airtel News 24 Channel number 323 News 24
Airtel NEWS LIVE Channel number 641 NEWS LIVE
Airtel NTV Channel number 906 NTV
Airtel PTC NEWS Channel number 563 PTC NEWS
Airtel Puthiya Thalaimurai Channel number 784 Puthiya Thalaimurai
Airtel ABP Ananda Channel number Channel number 724 ABP Ananda
Airtel ABP News Channel number 309 ABP News
Airtel Sakshi TV Channel number 907 Sakshi TV
Airtel Sun News Channel number 789 Sun News
Airtel Suvarna News 24*7 Channel number 979 Suvarna News 24*7
Airtel TIMES NOW Channel number 367 TIMES NOW
Airtel TV9 KANNADA Channel number 976 TV9 KANNADA
Airtel TV9 GUJRATI Channel number 583 TV9 GUJRATI
Airtel TV9 Telugu Channel number 905 TV9 Telugu
Airtel TV5 Channel number 910 TV5
Airtel Udaya News Channel number 977 Udaya News
Airtel ZEE 24 TAAS Channel number 538 ZEE 24 TAAS
Airtel ZEE NEWS Channel number 311 ZEE NEWS
Airtel Thanthi TV Channel number 788 Thanthi TV
Airtel Seithigal Channel number 785 Seithigal
Airtel News Nation Channel number 321 News Nation
Airtel Public TV Channel number 981 Public TV
Airtel V6 News Channel number 912 V6 News
Airtel ETV News Bangla Channel number 725 ETV News Bangla
Airtel ETV News Kannada Channel number 978 ETV News Kannada
Airtel ETV News Haryana Channel number 344 ETV News Haryana
Airtel ETV News Gujarati Channel number 582 ETV News Gujarati
Airtel CNBC Bajar Channel number  584 CNBC Bajar
Airtel Prag Channel number 638 Prag
Airtel Rengoni Channel number Channel number 632 Rengoni
Airtel India News Channel number 322 India News
Airtel News X Channel number 374 News X
Airtel DW-TV Channel number 397 DW-TV
Airtel Al Jazeera Channel number 395 Al Jazeera
Airtel Kolkata TV Channel number 726 Kolkata TV
Airtel VTV News Channel number 585 VTV News

TATA Sky News Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number News Channels in India
Tata Sky TV5 Channel Number 1425 TV5
Tata Sky TV9 Channel Number 1427 TV9
Tata Sky NTV News Channel Number 1428 NTV
Tata Sky ABN Andhrajyothy Channel Number 1432 ABN Andhrajyothy
Tata Sky T News Channel Number 1433 T News
Tata Sky V6 Telugu Channel Number 1436 V6 Telugu
Tata Sky Gemini News Channel Number 1445 Gemini News
Tata Sky Z Rajasthan News Channel Number 1132 Z Rajasthan News
Tata Sky DD News Channel Number 502 DD News
Tata Sky ABP News Channel Number 504 ABP News
Tata Sky NDTV India Channel Number 506 NDTV India
Tata Sky Aaj Tak Channel Number 509 Aaj Tak
Tata Sky Zee News Channel Number 511 Zee News
Tata Sky India TV Channel Number 514 India TV
Tata Sky News 24 Channel Number 516 News 24
Tata Sky News18 India Channel Number 519 News18 India
Tata Sky India News Channel Number 521 India News
Tata Sky News Nation Channel Number 523 News Nation
Tata Sky News World India Channel Number 525 News World India
Tata Sky India 24×7 Channel Number 528 India 24×7
Tata Sky India News Haryana Channel Number 530 India News Haryana
Tata Sky Samachar Plus Channel Number 532 Samachar Plus
Tata Sky Sudarshan News Channel Number 534 Sudarshan News
Tata Sky Kashish News Channel Number 536 Kashish News
Tata Sky LTV Channel Number 538 LTV
Tata Sky Sadhna Plus Channel Number 540 Sadhna Plus
Tata Sky APN Channel Number 542 APN
Tata Sky ETV News Haryana HP Channel Number 544 ETV News Haryana HP
Tata Sky Sadhna Prime News Channel Number 546 Sadhna Prime News
Tata Sky MH One News Channel Number 548 MH One News
Tata Sky India News UP UK Channel Number 550 India News UP UK
Tata Sky News State UP UK Channel Number 552 News State UP UK
Tata Sky India News MP CH Channel Number 554 India News MP CH
Tata Sky India News Rajasthan Channel Number 556 India News Rajasthan
Tata Sky National Voice UP UK Channel Number 558 National Voice UP UK
Tata Sky JK 24×7 News Channel Number 578 JK 24×7 News
Tata Sky Zee Business Channel Number 581 Zee Business
Tata Sky CNBC Awaaz Channel Number 583 CNBC Awaaz
Tata Sky Udaya News Channel Number 1615 Udaya News
Tata Sky ETV News Kannada Channel Number 1631 ETV News Kannada
Tata Sky News BTV Channel Number 1634 News BTV
Tata Sky Sun News Channel Number 1510 Sun News
Tata Sky News 7 Tamil Channel Number 1547 News 7 Tamil
Tata Sky Polimer News Channel Number 1549 Polimer News
Tata Sky Raj News Tamil Channel Number 1556 Raj News Tamil
Tata Sky News18 Tamil Nadu Channel Number 1561 News18 Tamil Nadu
Tata Sky ETV News Bangla Channel Number 1325 ETV News Bangla
Tata Sky News Time Bangla Channel Number 1327 News Time Bangla
Tata Sky R Plus News Channel Number 1329 R Plus News
Tata Sky Calcutta News Channel Number 1335 Calcutta News
Tata Sky Sandesh News Channel Number 1711 Sandesh News
Tata Sky ETV News Gujarati Channel Number 1715 ETV News Gujarati
Tata Sky Asianet News Channel Number 1811 Asianet News
Tata Sky Manorama News Channel Number 1827 Manorama News
Tata Sky Mathrubhumi News Channel Number 1834 Mathrubhumi News
Tata Sky News18 Kerala Channel Number 1848 News18 Kerala
Tata Sky News World Odisha Channel Number 1758 News World Odisha
Tata Sky Zee Kalinga News Channel Number 1768 Zee Kalinga News
Tata Sky Kanak News Channel Number 1770 Kanak News
Tata Sky Prameya News 7 Channel Numbe 1773 Prameya News 7
Tata Sky ETV News Odia Channel Number 1774 ETV News Odia
Tata Sky PTC News Channel Number 1906 PTC News
Tata Sky NDTV 24×7 Channel Number 604 NDTV 24×7
Tata Sky TIMES NOW Channel Number 606 TIMES NOW
Tata Sky INDIA TODAY Channel Number 609 INDIA TODAY
Tata Sky CNN News18 Channel Number 611 CNN News18
Tata Sky NewsX HD Channel Number 612 NewsX HD
Tata Sky NewsX Channel Number 613 NewsX
Tata Sky News 9 Channel Number 626 News 9
Tata Sky NDTV Profit-Prime Channel Number 615 NDTV Profit-Prime
Tata Sky CNBC TV18 Prime HD Channel Number 617 CNBC TV18 Prime HD
Tata Sky CNBC TV18 Channel Number 618 CNBC TV18
Tata Sky BTVi Channel Number 620 BTVi
Tata Sky ET NOW Channel Number 622 ET NOW
Tata Sky magic bricks NOW Channel Number 624 magicbricks NOW
Tata Sky CNN Intl Channel Number 631 CNN Intl
Tata Sky BBC WORLD Channel Number 633 BBC WORLD
Tata Sky Al Jazeera Channel Number 635 Al Jazeera
Channel News Asia Channel Number 636 Channel News Asia
Tata Sky France 24 Channel Number 637 France 24
Tata Sky TV5 Monde Asie Channel Number 638 TV5 Monde Asie
Tata Sky DW Channel Number 639 DW
Tata Sky Australia Plus Channel Number 640 Australia Plus
Tata Sky Russia Today Channel Number 641 Russia Today
Tata Sky NHK World TV Channel Number 642 NHK World
Tata Sky NEWS LIVE Channel Number 1955 NEWS LIVE
Tata Sky News18 Assam NE Channel Number 1962 News18 Assam NE

Sun Direct News Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number News Channels in India
Sun Direct  Times Now Channel Number 552  Times Now
 Sun Direct CNN-IBN Channel Number 554  CNN-IBN
 Sun Direct NDTV 24×7 Channel Number 556  NDTV 24×7
 Sun Direct India Today Channel Number 557 India Today
 Sun Direct CNBC Channel Number 558 CNBC
 Sun Direct ET Now Channel Number 559 ET Now
 Sun Direct CNN Channel Number 566 CNN
 Sun Direct BBC World Channel Number 568 BBC World
 Sun Direct DD News Channel Number 550 DD News
Sun Direct  NDTV India Channel Number 570 NDTV India
 Sun Direct ABP News Channel Number 571 ABP News
Sun Direct Aaj Tak Channel Number 572 Aaj Tak
Sun Direct  DD Loksabha Channel Number 578  DD Loksabha
 Sun Direct DD Rajya Sabha Channel Number 580  DD Rajya Sabha
 Sun Direct India TV Channel Number 586 India TV
Sun Direct PTC News Channel Number 582  PTC News
 Sun Direct News Live Channel Number 584 News Live
 Sun Direct ETV Kannada News Channel Number 275 ETV Kannada News
 Sun Direct Suvarna News 24×7 Channel Number 276 Suvarna News 24×7
 Sun Direct Sun News Channel Number 112 Sun News
Sun Direct Asianet News Channel Number 222  Asianet News
 Sun Direct Mathrubhumi News Channel Number 223 Mathrubhumi News
 Sun Direct Manorama News Channel Number 224 Manorama News
 Sun Direct Udaya News Channel Number 262 Udaya News
Sun Direct News 7 Tamil Channel Number 135 News 7 Tamil
 Sun Direct Gemini News Channel Number 162 Gemini News
 Sun Direct NTV News Channel Number 182 NTV News
 Sun Direct T News Channel Number 189  T News
 Sun Direct V6 News Channel Number 191 V6 News

Reliance Digital TV News Channels in India

Channel Name Channel Number News Channels in India
Reliance ABN Andhra Jyoti Channel Number 718  ABN Andhra Jyoti
Reliance V6 News Channel Number 719  V6 News
Reliance T News Channel Number 722  T News
Reliance TV5 Telugu Channel Number 723  TV5 Telugu
Reliance TV 9 Channel Number 724  TV 9
Reliance ETV Andhra Pradesh Channel Number 725  ETV Andhra Pradesh
Reliance Gemini News Channel Number 726  Gemini News
Reliance NTV News Channel Number 727  NTV News
Reliance DD News Channel Number  405 DD News
Reliance Aaj Tak Channel Number 406 Aaj Tak
Reliance  ABP News Channel Number 407 ABP News
Reliance Zee News Channel Number 408 Zee News
Reliance NDTV India Channel Number 409 NDTV India
Reliance India TV Channel Number 410 India TV
Reliance DD Lok Sabha Channel Number 413 DD Lok Sabha
Reliance DD Rajya Sabha Channel Number 414 DD Rajya Sabha
Reliance ETV UP Channel Number 416 ETV UP
Reliance ETV Bihar Channel Number 417 ETV Bihar
Reliance ETV Rajasthan Channel Number 418 ETV Rajasthan
Reliance ETV MP Channel Number 419 ETV MP
Reliance India Watch Channel Number 421 India Watch
Reliance K News 24*7 Channel Number 429  K News 24*7
Reliance Times Now Channel Number 453 Times Now
Reliance NDTV 24×7 Channel Number 454 NDTV 24×7
Reliance India Today Channel Number 455 India Today
Reliance CNN News 18 Channel Number 456 CNN News 18
Reliance CNN Channel Number 457 CNN
Reliance BBC World News Channel Number 458 BBC World News
Reliance Wion Channel Number 459 Wion
Reliance Al Jazeera Channel Number 460 Al Jazeera
 Reliance Zee Business Channel Number  481 Zee Business
Reliance NDTV Profit/Prime Channel Number 482 NDTV Profit/Prime
Reliance CNBC TV 18 Channel Number 483 CNBC TV 18
Reliance CNBC Aawaaz Channel Number 484 CNBC Aawaaz
Reliance BTVi  Channel Number 485 BTVi
Reliance ET Now Channel Number 486  ET Now
Reliance Sun News  Channel Number 663 Sun News
Reliance Asianet News Channel Number 769  Asianet News
Reliance Manorama News Channel Number 770 Manorama News
Reliance Udaya News Channel Number 824  Udaya News
Reliance TV9 Kannada Channel Number 825  TV9 Kannada
Reliance Suvarna News 24×7 Channel Number 826  Suvarna News 24×7
Reliance Mathrubhumi News Channel Number 776  Mathrubhumi News
Reliance ETV Kannada News Channel Number 828 ETV Kannada News
Reliance News Live Channel Number 876 News Live
Reliance News Time Bangla Channel Number 933 News Time Bangla
Reliance PTC News Channel Number 955 PTC News

Latest Dish TV News Channels in India with Numbers

Channel Name  Channel Number News Channels in India
Dish TV DD News Channel Number 549 DD News
Dish TV Zee News Channel Number 555 Zee News
Dish TV India TV Channel Number 557 India TV
Dish TV Aaj Tak Channel Number 558 Aaj Tak
Dish TV News Nation Channel Number 560 News Nation
Dish TV NDTV India Channel Number 562 NDTV India
Dish TV News 24 Channel Number 563 News 24
Dish TV News18 India Channel Number 565 News18 India
Dish TV India News Channel Number 566 India News
Dish TV Channel One News Channel Number 567 Channel One News
Dish TV Sadhna News Channel Number 568 Sadhna News
Dish TV ABP News Channel Number 569 ABP News
Dish TV India 24×7 Channel Number 570 India 24×7
Dish TV Tez Channel Number 571 Tez
Dish TV Sahara Samay Channel Number 572 Sahara Samay
Dish TV DD Lok Sabha Channel Number 579 DD Lok Sabha
Dish TV DD Rajya Sabha Channel Number 580 DD Rajya Sabha
Dish TV India News Channel Number 2210 India News
Dish TV APN News TV Channel Number 2116 APN News TV
Dish TV ABP News Channel Number 2165 ABP News
Dish TV TV10 Telugu News Channel Number 925 TV10 Telugu News
Dish TV TV9 Telugu Channel Number 926 TV9 Telugu
Dish TV TV5 Channel Number 928 TV5
Dish TV Sakshi TV Channel Number 929 Sakshi TV
Dish TV NTV Channel Number 930 NTV
Dish TV Asianet News Channel Number 721 Asianet News
Dish TV CNBC Awaaz Channel Number 591 CNBC Awaaz
Dish TV ZEE Business Channel Number 590 ZEE Business
Dish TV ABN Andhra Jyoti Channel Number 935 ABN Andhra Jyoti
Dish TV T News Channel Number 937 T News
Dish TV V6 News Channel Number 938 V6 News
 Dish TV ET Now Channel Number  597  ET Now
Dish TV BTVi Channel Number 598 BTVi
Dish TV CNBC TV18 Channel Number 601 CNBC TV18
Dish TV NDTV Profit/Prime Channel Number 602 NDTV Profit/Prime
Dish TV NDTV 24×7 Channel Number  603  NDTV 24×7
Dish TV India Today Channel Number 604 India Today
Dish TV Wion Channel Number 605 6Wion
Dish TV Times Now Channel Number 606 Times Now
Dish TV CNN News 18 Channel Number 607 CNN News 18
Dish TV Manorama News Channel Number 725 Manorama News
Dish TV Mathrubhumi News Channel Number 727 Mathrubhumi News
Dish TV Zee Kalinga News Channel Number 852 Zee Kalinga News
Dish TV ETV Oriya News Channel Number 853 ETV Oriya News
Dish TV Kanak News Channel Number 857 Kanak News
Dish TV Naxatra News Channel Number 858 Naxatra News
Dish TV Prameya News 7 Channel Number 859 Prameya News 7
Dish TV CNN INTL Channel Number 615 CNN INTL
Dish TV BBC World News Channel Number 616 BBC World News
Dish TV  CGTN Channel Number 617 CGTN
Dish TV Al Jazeera Channel Number 618 Al Jazeera
Dish TV France 24 Channel Number 619 France 24
Dish TV Russia Today Channel Number 622 Russia Today
Dish TV News Live Channel Number 785 News Live
Dish TV PTC News Channel Number 806 PTC News
Dish TV STV Haryana News Channel Number 804 STV Haryana News
Dish TV Kashish News Channel Number 811 8 Kashish News
Dish TV News State Channel Number 820 News State
Dish TV Zee Rajasthan News 818 Zee Rajasthan News
Dish TV ETV Bangla News Channel Number 843 ETV Bangla News
Dish TV News Time Bangla Channel Number 833 News Time Bangla
Dish TV ETV Gujrati News Channel Number 891 ETV Gujrati News
Dish TV ETV Kannada News Channel Number 910 ETV Kannada News
Dish TV Udaya News Channel Number 905 Udaya News
Dish TV Suvarna News Channel Number 897 Suvarna News
Dish TV News 7 Tamil Channel Number 961 News 7 Tamil
Dish TV Sun News Channel Number 949 Sun News
Dish TV Sun News Channel Number 949 Sun News

Above, we provided the different Dish TV News Channels in India. So, that you can get the latest news channels in India with channel numbers from above sections.

Updated: February 15, 2017 — 10:18 am

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