TATA Sky HD Set-top-Box Price | DTH New Connection Plans and Offers

TATA Sky Price details are presented here with complete information. Today all the people who are having Cable Network connection has almost changed to the different DTH Services. Among all those DTH Services, TATA Sky is the second operator to launch DTH Service. The TATA Sky have released different Set-top-boxes with various Prices according to their features. So, check TATA Sky DTH Price details about Set-top-box, New Connections offers with channels package, & Plans from the below section.

TATA Sky Price Details

TATA Sky is a Direct Broadcast Satellite television provider using MPEG-4 digital compression technology in India. It is founded in 2006 but launched services from 2006. Tata Sky is a joint venture between TATA Group and Century Fox. It offers 74 HD Channels and 415 SD Channels and also many active services. Now, TATA Sky has made an agreement with France to provide set top box from early 2015.

One should choose Tata Sky DTH Service only because it has unmatched customer service, one year annual service commitment, you can pay for what you watch, and it also has multiple recharge options. It is important to know the offers and TATA Sky packages while establishing a connection. The Tata Sky has four set-top-boxes with different costs according to features available in it. Therefore you can check the Channel’s package list from our site and also get the TATA Sky price details on this page. Different set-top-boxes are listed below.

  1. TATA Sky SD Set-top-box
  2. HD Set-top-box
  3. 4k Ultra HD Set-top-box
  4. TATA Sky + Transfer HD

TATA Sky Dish TV Price – SD Set-top-box

TATA Sky SD Set-top-box price

  • The TATA Sky SD Set-top-box is the Standard Definition Set-top-box.
  • When compared to other local cable sources SD set-top-box offers you better picture quality and digital sound.
  • TATA Sky SD Set-top-box uses MPEG4 technology for providing good picture quality and Dolby Digital sound.
  • It provides Parental control feature, helps you to know what your children are watching on TV depending on the rating provided by the channel.
  • The TATA Sky Standard Definition Set-top-box has a choice to choose your package based on the channels that are available.
  • By this feature, you can pay money to the channels which you watch. This is the fact that helps you to save money.
  • TATA Sky SD Set-top-box offers informative services by the active channels. The Actv Darshan channel is helpful to the people those who want to watch live darshans from home.
  • The cost of TATA Sky SD Set-top-box is Rs.1600/- (save Rs.675/-).
  • The Aspect ratio of the TATA sky SD Set-top-box is 4:3.
  •  Standard definition (SD) Set-top-box resolution is 480p.

TATA Sky HD Set-top-box Price

TATA Sky HD Set-top-box Price

  • TATA Sky High Definition Set-top-box help to enjoy full HD experience through its picture quality and digital sound.
  • With the Resolution 1080i and from the aspect ratio 16:9, you can get a better TV experience.
  • By the TATA Sky Mobile application, it allows you to browse the full TV Schedule and also schedule the program that you need to watch.
  • It also provides services through its TATA Sky channels like Actv games, Actv English, Actv cooking, Actv Darshan and Actv Stores.
  • The cost of the TATA Sky HD Set-top-box is Rs.1800/- (save Rs.1030/-). We have mentioned price as per the official site of the TATA Sky.
  • There are various HD Channels available in TATA Sky services so, you can watch them depending on the package that you choose.
  • If you want to watch HD Channels, you need to pay HD fee. i.e. the HD Fee is Rs.175/- per month.

TATA Sky 4K Ultra HD Box

TATA Sky 4k Ulta HD Price

  • TATA Sky 4K Set-top-box have a resolution of 3840*2160p with this resolution you can get an un-imaginary picture view.
  • The Tata Sky uses MPEG4 technology to provide direct-to-home services.
  • The Aspect ratio of the TATA Sky 4K HD is 16:9.
  • The cost of TATA Sky 4K Ultra HD Set-top-box is Rs.6400/-.

TATA Sky+ Transfer HD Box

TATA Sky Transfer HD Price


  • The latest TATA sky+Transfer HD allows you to record favorite movies. This recorded content can be view anytime and anywhere.
  • The Tata Sky transfer HD helps to transfer the recorded content.
  • The Transfer HD Set-top-Box Contains 500GB Hard disk to store the recorded content or other data.
  • The TATA Sky+Transfer HD aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • It provides excellent Dolby Digital sound, and it also has a feature like a rewind forward pause.
  • The resolution of TATA Sky + Transfer HD is 1080i means good HD picture quality.
  • The TATA Sky Price is Rs.9300/- (save Rs.1030/-).

TATA Sky Remote

Are you using two remotes while operating TV? i.e. one remote is to control the TV, and other remote is to operate TATA Sky DTH Set-top-box. Normally when you buy TATA Sky Set-top-box along with it, you will also get the TATA Sky remote. Otherwise, you can buy sepearately if it is not working properly. Now there is no need to use two remotes because you can use the TATA Sky Universal Remote to operate both TV and set-top-box.

If you are newly subscribed to the TATA Sky, then you will get the universal remote with it. If you are an old customer to the TATA Sky DTH Service then you need to buy a universal remote.

After buying TATA Sky Universal Remote, you need to follow the steps to program or configure the TATA Sky Universal Remote for TV.

Steps to program TATA Sky Universal Remote for TV

  1. First of all, put the universal remote in learning mode. For this, you have to press the select button and two buttons at the same time until the LED light on your universal remote blinks two times.
  2. Now take your Universal Remote and place it on the flat surface.
  3. Later place your TV Remote and place it in front of the universal remote in such a way that both LED lights should exactly face each other.
  4. The distance between the two remotes must be 5 cm.
  5. Then press the Vol key on your universal remote, next press Vol buttons on your Television (TV) remote.
  6. The LED light on your universal remote blinks twice. It indicates that the Vol button on the universal remote has configured correctly.
  7. Now repeat the same process for the button like Vol (up & down), Power button, Source or help button (HDMI 1, HDMI 2) & mute button.
  8. After completion of programming universal remote to work with your TV, you have to press Univ button whenever you need to use it with your Television.
  9. Then the buttons on the universal remote will start working with your TV.
  10. After this again you have to press the Univ button to keep the remote back to control the Set-top-box.

You can check universal remote whether it is in TV mode or Set-top-box mode. i.e., If the light on the universal remote is lit continuously, then it means it is in TV Mode. If not it is in the set-top-box mode.

TATA Sky New Connection Price and Plans

Do you want to have TATA Sky New Connection? Then you need to follow these TATA Sky New Connections Plans and Price details here. The given details help you to choose your required TATA Sky DTH connection. So, check the new connection offers for the TATA Sky four Set-top-boxes. Once, you get the new connection you can make TATA Sky Recharge online monthly.

  1. TATA Sky SD
  2. High Definition Set-top-box
  3. TATA Sky+Transfer HD
  4. 4K Ultra HD Set-top-box

TATA Sky SD Set-Top-Box Connection

  • The TATA Sky provides 1 month Sports Damaka pack free.
  • There is an option to view Live TV and Videos.
  • Also, Standard set-top-box connection.
  • On demand on two mobile devices.
  • Providing five Active free services (Smart games, Cooking, English, Fun learn, Music).
  • The TATA Sky Price is Rs.1550/- save Rs.675/-.

For TATA Sky HD Connection

  • The TATA Sky provides 1-month Ultra Pack Free.
  • HD Set top box connection.
  • 1 month ‘HD access fee’ free.
  • In TATA Sky HD connection there is an option to view Live TV and Videos.
  • On demand on two mobile devices.
  • Also providing five Active free services (smart games, cooking, English, fun learn, music).
  • The TATA Sky Price is Rs.1800/- save Rs. 1030/-.

TATA Sky+Transfer HD Connection

  • The TATA Sky+Transfer HD Connection provides 1-month Ultra Pack Free
  • Transfer set top box connection
  • 1 month ‘HD access fee’ free
  • In TATA Sky+Transfer HD Connection there is an option to view Live TV and Videos.
  • On demand on two mobile devices.
  • And also providing five Active free services (smart games, cooking, English, fun learn, music).
  • The Cost is Rs.9300/- save Rs.1030/-.

4K Ultra HD Set top connection

  • The TATA Sky 4K Ultra HD Set top connection provides 1-month Ultra Pack Free.
  • UHD 4K set top connection.
  • 1 month ‘HD access fee’ free.
  • In TATA Sky 4K Ultra HD Set top connection, there is an option to view Live TV and Videos.
  • On demand on two mobile devices.
  • And also providing five Active free services free#(smart games, cooking, English, fun learn, music).
  • The TATA Sky Price is Rs.9300/- save Rs.1030/-.

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